Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Pictures from a fall walk.

This is not Bloomfield, New Jersey.


Neither is it New York Comic Con.

Both are places Jenn and Kelsey and I were supposed to be visiting this weekend for a long-anticipated get-together with friends and a GeekDad panel at the convention.

We were supposed to leave this morning. Unfortunately, it turns out my car needs a new wheel bearing, and it needs it now. Frakafrakkingfrak.

This all came to light yesterday, and I was tremendously pissed off and mopey and sad. A couple hours of Wednesday’s regularly scheduled Dungeons & Dragons Encounters at Backlist Books helped, as did an unexpected but very welcome past-midnight phone call from my old friend Ivan, whose family we were going to stay with for the weekend.

I drove my car to the mechanic’s this morning. It’s only about a mile-and-a-quarter from our house, so I walked home. It was bright and mild, and because it rained yesterday, the air was full of fall: the smell of wet leaves in the sun, an occasional whiff of apples, acres of corn husks drying and the sound of leaves falling in the woods.


(It wasn’t all pretty: My walk also included two cross-the-road detours to avoid recently deceased possums.)



I reminded myself of what I’d told Ivan last night: I’m planning to make the most of the time off work. I have three writing projects I’d like to tackle, movies and TV shows I’d like to enjoy with a beer or two, a book to finish and another to start.



I’m still frustrated over the scuttled weekend plans, of course: I haven’t been able to attend a GeekDad panel since the first one at PAX East in 2009; my friend Kirk is signing his book at Comic Con; I was looking forward to catching up with Bonnie Burton; and we don’t see Ivan and his family nearly enough. Jenn and Kelsey are also missing a reunion with one of Jenn’s oldest friends and a belly dancing convention.


Big-picture-wise, though, it’s just an inconvenience, and there will be other conventions and other excellent times with friends.

This was a good walk home.

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  1. Nice perspective. Missing a workshop with legendary Suhalia Salimpour is a bummer as is missing my time with Kels and Yillah. But we still get our time together and we’re saving a few bucks. The universe will let us know when the timing is right.

    Comment by Jenn | October 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. For the record, those opossums weren’t dead. You stunned ’em just as they were waking up. Norwegian Blues stun easily, major. (Beautiful plumage.)

    Comment by AB | October 14, 2011 | Reply

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