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Happy birthday, Star Wars: You’re old enough to be president.

Star Wars came out thirty-five years ago today. I drew this not long after seeing it for the first time:

Look Sir, Droids!

Yesterday, I was on a brief but enjoyable segment recorded for NPR’s Morning Edition which was very cool and made me hyper most of the day.

That they mentioned my book about growing up as a Star Wars fan was not only neat, it was also incredibly fitting.  It was just over five years ago that I wrote an essay for Star Wars’ 30th birthday and pitched it to Renita Jablonski at WKSU. That radio piece – about not actually remembering the first time I saw Star Wars – aired five years ago today (and is still archived at WKSU), and that essay was the starting point which led to the writing of Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek.

Star Wars still comes up from time to time here on Cornfield Meet, of course, and seeing it as a six-year-old in 1977 absolutely set me on the path to loving science fiction and spaceships and shuttle launches and storytelling and so many other things that give me joy.

By some measures, 1977 was a long time ago. But not by all of them.

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