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Just thinking about friends.

Yes, I’ve ignored Cornfield Meet for two solid months since returning from Star Wars Celebration VI. Lots of distractions – some big and important and stressful, others, not really, but you know how that goes.

Among the books I’ve read over the past couple months was Alan Eisenstock’s Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.

I wrote a review of it for GeekDad which includes some excerpts, and also this:

Just like Stand By Me isn’t really about hiking to see a dead body, Raiders! is much more than just the story of some kids making a fan film. It’s about the best and worst of childhood and growing up and sharing a geeky obsession through the whole journey. It’s intense and enjoyable and heartbreaking and powerful.

So, yes, I really liked it. And writing that kind of set me up for a weekend of thinking about friends and long friendships. My daughter had a friend return home from her out-of-state school, just for a long weekend visit during her first midterm break. And one of the things they did, just hanging out, was watch Stand By Me, which Kelsey’s friend had never seen.

The next day, Jenn and I drove to Columbus for a get-together with some friends we see a few times a year. One of those friends I’ve known since my freshman year at Bowling Green State University – 23 years ago this fall.

It was a weekend of echoes and celebration and highway driving accompanied by sun and clouds and brilliant changing leaves on Ohio hillsides.

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