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Running 2013: Week Four

This is what I wrote after putting in last week’s mileage:

Since I’m off tomorrow, the smart thing to do would be to kick off Week Four with another 3- or 4-miler, so I’m not looking at another five-day break between runs. We’ll see how smart I feel in the morning.

Yeah. So the next day (Tuesday, Jan. 22) marked the start of a really cold and windy snap, with highs in the teens and near (or below) zero wind chill temperatures each morning. I didn’t run any weekdays.

Saturday, I woke up to a calm, 23-degree morning, which almost felt like T-shirt weather. Still, after last week’s kind-of-not-fun four-miler, I decided to break this week’s seven-mile goal evenly, using a 3.5-mile route my brother and I have run regularly:


Decent enough start, predictable slowdowns in miles two and three, but enough of a kick over the last half-mile to keep my overall pace under nine minutes. And yes, to some degree, I realize that pouring it on at the end isn’t really, you know, pacing, but hey. One of the nice things about these low-mileage runs is that a good final kick can knock a significant bit off the cumulative pace time.

Take today’s run on the same loop:


The first mile is good – as you can probably figure out, though, from looking at my pace line, it finishes with a big downhill stretch. Mile two was about the same as Saturday, and mile three was a bit faster. I really went after it in the last half mile, though – briefly hitting a 6:25 pace – and during that stretch, my cumulative pace dropped by a full 11 seconds. That left me feeling better about progressing, however slightly, even during what looks to be a fairly predictable two-runs-per-week schedule until spring gets here.



Today’s the 27th, so I’m 2.48 miles ahead of my mileage goal. I’m likely to finish January with these 29.48 miles, unless I go crazy and get a run in before Friday.

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