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Running 2013: Week Six

One of the fun things about winter in Ohio is that after a couple weeks of temperatures in the teens and low 20s (Fahrenheit), a weekend like this one – when the wind has gone someplace else and the temperature gets up into the low 40s – is an engraved invitation to go outside.

I did late afternoon runs on both Saturday and Sunday, letting the day warm up before heading out.

Saturday was sunny.


That strange little flyaway at the end – and the one-second “break time” – is the result of me accidentally re-starting the timer while sitting in my office. This was the first run in the new shoes on mostly clear and dry pavement. Still getting used to the firmer soles – they seem a little noiser when I’m charging downhill; feels a little more difficult to run “light-foot,” for lack of a better term. Another decent first mile followed by a slowdown over the second and third, and a pour-it-on final half. Finished one second under thirty minutes to average 8:33.


Sunday was cloudy, but still temperate and calm. I did a slower first mile, but I’m proud of this run because my time is much more stead throughout Three consecutive weeks, I’ve done this loop every Saturday and Sunday, and this is the first time I’ve been below a nine-minute pace for each mile.

Mileage for the year, 41 days in:


Still ahead of my goal, but I haven’t added any cushion the last few weeks. As I kind of figured would be the case, I feel nicely settled into this loop: As much as the variety of routes is a major reason I enjoy running outside, when I’m managing a minimum mileage, I’m content to keep running this loop and trying to improve my time until spring arrives.

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  1. Are you sure you are my son? Maybe you were switched at birth. You know the Air Force…This running thing DEFINITELY did NOT come from me or your father!!! Love ya, Mom

    Comment by Mom | February 11, 2013 | Reply

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