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Running 2013: Week Eight

I extended this weekend’s mileage – not by a lot, but enough to push myself out of the comfort zone of the same 3.5-mile loop I’ve done the past four weekends in a row.

Saturday, Kelsey wanted to do a short run with me, since it was 40F and sunny. We did about three-quarters of a mile together at a leisurely jog, and when she was back home, I went back out for another 3.5:


You can probably tell there’s a big downhill there toward the end of the first mile. Of course, the same hill becomes a climb to start the final mile. I’ve done this one a lot, but it’s been awhile, so I was at least pleased that I managed to keep it from destroying my pace entirely.

On Sunday, it was gray and 32F, and there was a steady wind coming from the west, so I decided to follow a route similar to Saturday’s run, going into the wind for the first half so that I’d have it at my back during the home stretch.


I figured I’d head out 1.75 miles and then just turn around, but when I reached that marker, I was feeling good enough that I decided to stretch things into an even four miles. The climb in the final mile felt tougher than Saturday – although looking at my pace line, it seems like it felt worse than it really was. Felt really good about the last half-mile push, though, and even though I hadn’t done a four-mile run since Jan. 20, I did this one about 30 seconds faster per mile than that day’s run.

So, eight weeks into 2013 – which equates to a target mileage of 56 miles – I’m pretty close to 59 for the year:



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