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Via Plaid Stallions: Multipack Time Travel

I would like to thank Plaid Stallions for posting this –

– because without a doubt, I had that bagged Whitman three-pack of Marvel Star Wars comics, and although I had forgotten what the bag looked like (Pointy W!), seeing this image brings back to mind the weight and texture of the plastic, as well as memories of the stories within.

From Collect All 21!  – 

I was never a comics kid except for Star Wars, and even that didn’t last very long. I had the next six issues, I think, that continued the heroes’ stories beyond the original movie, but I really wasn’t in for the long haul.

I do remember an issue starring Han and Chewbacca and a rabbit-alien and a guy named Don Wan Kihotay (imagine my astonishment in high school at realizing this had been a literary reference). And there were others with a red-bearded space pirate and a girl pirate named Jolli, who lives in my brain in a flashback sequence showing her as a little girl watching her father leave his family behind, and then in her death scene, when Han plants a kiss on her cold lips.

I took these comics on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, I think, and read them in the back seat of the car during the drive down.

Back in 2010, I went to the Pittsburgh Comicon and actually got to meet Roy Thomas, the original writer and editor of Marvel’s Star Wars comics – and creator of that green rabbit, Jaxxon. (We not only talked about that character, but what it was like being among the first writers to expand upon the original Lucas stories. Roy was incredibly nice and interesting to talk to.)


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