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Running 2013: Week Nine

Broke the Saturday/Sunday pattern this week, and had a blast doing it.

Thursday night after work, I headed to Sagamore Hills for my fifth “In Like a Lion” run. When it came time to opt for a name on my racing number, I opted for “Dillweed.” And it made me (and others who are similarly amused) laugh. Again.

This was the 14th ILaL run. The first nine were just Keith and Pete. Four years ago, they talked three more of us into joining up. Last year, we had a dozen runners.

This year? An amazing and inspiring TWENTY-FIVE person field! So big that Keith arranged for us all to meet up at Namaste Yoga Studio beforehand for pre-run organization. Jolynn, the owner, guided everyone through some runner’s yoga stretches and put on a nice selection of 80’s hair metal. (Yeah, that’s right: It’s closing on midnight, and we had Bon Jovi, yoga, and a cooler full of two dozen McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. So cool.)

It was 20 degrees and snowing lightly when we got to the starting/finishing point, dark and quiet out in the valley. We did a 5k, out and back along the path.

I don’t push too hard during ILaL – it’s a run, not a race – but I do like to work a bit, so I settled in to a pace of around 9 minutes a mile. On the way back, there was a mini snow squall that actually cut visibility to probably 20-30 feet  for a few moments.

I finished up at 27:45, but that’s as precise as I can get, because my Garmin hadn’t fully charged, and it conked out just over a mile in.

By the time we all got back to the finish line, our shakes were approaching frozen solid. They were still delicious.

When the weekend arrived, I thought about sticking with my Saturday/Sunday afternoon schedule to get a few extra miles in this week, but Saturday turned out to be too busy. I got up Sunday morning and did a four-mile out-and-back in a light wind and pleasant, big-flake snow.


Pretty steady pacing. I did it slower than last week, but still kept things under the nine-minute mark, and it was an enjoyable run.

So, March begins, and 62 days into 2013, I’m still a couple miles ahead of my goal:


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  1. […] to be just over 1.8 miles short, because my Garmin battery died less just over a mile into the March 1 In Like A Lion Run. Correct total for the year: 73.5 […]

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