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Running 2013: Week Ten

What a fantastic weekend for running. Saturday – first run of the year without a sweatshirt. Sunny and 60F:


That spike about halfway through? I slowed down to drop letters at the post office.

Sunday – more overcast, but pushing 70F! – first run of the year in shorts:


Really happy with the way this one turned out, with no miles above the nine-minute mark.

The no-extra-charge life lesson with today’s run came when the warm breeze from the southwest – which I ran against on the outbound leg, figuring I’d have it at my back for the home stretch – shifted just enough that I was running into it again during my last eastbound mile. Lesson: No matter how much route planning you do, you can’t keep the wind from changing direction.

And that’s One To Grow On. And The More You Know, the better, because Knowledge is Power.

So 69 days into the year, I’m actually more ahead of my mileage goal than I thought: I just realized that my YTD mileage as tracked by Turtle Sport is going to be just over 1.8 miles short, because my Garmin battery died less just over a mile into the March 1 In Like A Lion Run. Correct total for the year: 73.5 miles.


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