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Running 2013: Week Eleven

A weekend like this one is exactly why I’ve been trying to bank a few extra miles here and there. Between medical appointments and a multi-person family birthday celebration on Saturday, I couldn’t find the time to run.

Sunday was gray and cold, but it wasn’t rainy or windy, so I decided to push into five-mile territory for the first time since last year’s Canton Marathon.20130317_Running

Not too bad: It’s the old four-mile loop with a second-half detour thrown in, and miles two and three were the most difficult, as they always are on this particular run. Because I was adding distance, I wasn’t really pushing for time until the last mile, so I was happy to see that even my worst mile was still less than 9:30. And since I did walk-run training for the Canton Marathon (90-second walk breaks every five miles), it had been even longer since I’d run five miles and pushed full-bore over the last half-mile, which I did this week. Finished with an 8:52 overall pace, and felt good about it.

I’m traveling this week for work, and I’m throwing in my running shoes. It may only be treadmill time, since my days will be packed, but it would be nice to get in a few weekday miles during the downtime.

So, year-to-date, I’m at 78.5 miles, 77 days in. Still on target.


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