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Running 2013: Week Twelve

Changed things up a bit this week.

I took a work trip to Louisville for the Mid-America Trucking Show, and since I didn’t have to work a morning commute into my schedule, I decided to use the hotel’s workout room to put in a couple treadmill miles.

Yes, as a rule, I dislike treadmill running, and if I’d packed more than shorts and a short-sleeved shirt for running, or if it had been warmer than sub-freezing, I would have given more consideration to going outside. At any rate, the hotel’s equipment and exercise room were nice, and I was the only one in there, so after warming up for one mile, I bumped up the speed on the second mile and finished in 16:30 for a pace of 8:15.

Saturday afternoon, back at home, I did my 3.5-mile loop:


It was sunny and above freezing, but still windy and on the chilly side, and that third mile wore on me a bit, but sticking to a sub-nine-minute average didn’t feel like too much effort.

Sunday was gray and cold, and I didn’t feel much like running, but thanks to my treadmill miles, I only needed to do 1.5 more to reach my seven-mile goal for the week. I decided to do two and push my pace:


I don’t think I’ve run consecutive sub-eight minute miles since my last training day before the Canton Marathon, and although I don’t feel like I could have done another mile at that speed, I felt really good about the run and recovered pretty quickly.

Total days/miles for the year: 84 days, 85.8 miles.

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