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Running 2013: Week Fifteen

Saturday, April 13 was a chilly, windy, and gray 50-degree day that felt more like winter’s onset than three weeks into spring. I set out intending to do 3.5 miles, but about a mile-and-a-half in, I decided to extend my run to an even four.


Not a great run: At the end off the first mile, I had already run through a stitch, and felt like I had worked awfully hard just to hit that 8:28 mark. Lots of wind in miles two and three, and I had to push at the end just to barely get my overall pace back under nine minutes. Still, kind of like writing, even when running is tough, I always feel good about having done it.

Sunday was completely different. Sunny and 60-something, and warm enough for shorts, even with the breeze. I only had three miles to tackle, so I set out at a brisk pace, and let myself really go down the final hill of the first mile so I could finish it in under eight minutes. After recovering from that, I just tried not to lose too much time in the second mile, and when I was at an 8:11 pace after 2.5 miles, I thought maybe I could knock off those 11 seconds with a hard charge. Didn’t happen. And I’ll admit I was disappointed.


… and then, when I got home and looked at my stats, I realized that I’d just done my best 3-miler of the year by far. Still not near my best time ever (somewhere in the low seven minutes) for that distance, but enough to brighten the finish.

Year to date: 106.8 miles.

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