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Running 2013: Week Thirty-five

I totaled 11.5 miles during three consecutive days this week, focusing almost solely on mileage and rarely on my pace.

All three were warm and sunny late afternoon runs – conditions under which I’m normally slower to begin with – and felt more difficult than I’d like.

  • Aug. 23: 4.4 miles, 40:26. Average pace = 9:09
  • Aug. 24: 3.6 miles, 31:32. Average pace = 8:43 (Pace over the last .6 mile = 8:05)
  • Aug. 25: 3.5 miles, 30:55. Average pace = 8:45

Year-to-date total: 235.8 miles.

Monday (the end of my running week) was the 238th day of the year, so I’m basically one extra run or a few add-on miles from being back on track.

I also realized that I have no summer or fall race plans this year, which would break a 10-year streak, and which suddenly seems kind of like something I don’t want to do, so maybe I should find myself a race to run. Dang – I really should have done Orc Stomp at Gen Con. (For the record, the first five years of that streak were all two-milers: Four Pro Football Hall of Fame Races and one North Canton. Year six, I did the Hall of Fame five-mile, and between 2009 and 2012 I ran two full marathons – Towpath and Canton – and legs in three Akron Marathons.)

Some quick searching leads me to think one of the Ohio Outside trail races would be fun, and something different than I’ve done before.

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