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How John’s Brain Works – A Sample

So my friend Bonnie recommends an old Marilyn Monroe movie, Don’t Bother to Knock. I watch it, completely unprepared for Monroe’s range and complexity, since the only thing I’ve ever seen her in is Some Like It Hot. (Also amazing. Completely different sort of movie, of course. Spoiler alert: “Nobody’s perfect.”)

Joe E. Brown’s line takes me back to BGSU, where I performed a couple times in the Joe E. Brown Theatre, which closed 5 years ago:


Wow. I can remember the feel of the steps and the seats, and the air and the stillness just before curtain.

And then I think of the play Ivan and I were in during our freshman year one-act festival – which was when we became friends. It was “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, and re-reading it just now I can hear Ivan delivering his lines, and our stage directions, and the rest of the cast, and I remember the time I was late for a rehearsal because I was goofing around with my friends Jennifer and Erin and Adam, and I felt really terrible about it.

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