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Crossing Decembers

“Crossing Decembers” – a novel

“Lingers in a haunting manner.”

– Wred Fright, Underground Literary Alliance review

“Breathtaking. I came for a quick read, and found magic.”

– Cindy Nelson, editor, The Complete Kalevala

Crossing Decembers

Those train whistles that call over the Midwest fields at night, are, most times, just trains. Sometimes they’re more. Sometimes they’ll stir blood, twist the universe in on itself, flatten and re-shape reality like it’s a penny lying on the rails.

Ask Josh Kendall: He finds out one December night, heading out to a far corner of Ohio to Five Mile Bridge, intent on mourning his friend Kallie, seven years gone. But a jarring message and one of those world-bending locomotives wash Josh backward in time and memory, giving him the chance to rediscover pieces of the past he thought he’d lost.

And causing him to wonder if maybe those bits can be put back into place differently.

Too late, Joshua realizes his actions are rippling through the paths of time backward as well as forward, and as his mind wrestles with pasts he cannot remember, those roads which have never existed are suddenly very real beneath his feet.

Crossing Decembers is a story of phantom trains, resurrections, and the vital pieces of life we sometimes have to pry loose like trilobites from shale before we can understand their place in the whole.

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