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Firecrackers and apple blossoms

Apple tree and blossoms

This apple tree in our backyard is probably pushing 40 years old – I can’t recall it ever not being here, and my family moved in across the street in mid-1977.

Once, one of my neighbors and I were picking up apples from the ground, plugging firecrackers in them, and hurling them grenade-style into the woods. (Okay: I was the one lighting the fuses on the loaded apples as he cocked his throwing arm back.) Obligatory disclaimer: This was among the many stupid things I did as a kid. If you are a kid, do not do this thing, for it is stupid.

A haiku interlude:

Putting firecrackers

in apples can be such fun:

Beware the quick fuse.

We stopped after one of the apples blew up alongside my friend’s head mid-throw. No real injury, but I’m pretty sure he had apple pulp impacted in his ear canal for a week or so.

It’s a funny, loud memory, and it mixed interestingly with this afternoon’s sunny, tranquil scene:

apple blossoms

apple tree close-up

apple tree branch

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