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Front porch robins, spring 2010 edition

I tried to discourage our yard robin from building another nest on our front porch light this year, not out of spite or anything, but because we have cats who occasionally go outside and because we kind of feel bad because Mom Bird & Dad Bird get cranky every time someone uses the front door. (One of them scared the bejeezus out of the UPS guy last week, and I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t slightly amused – but so was he, so it was OK.) For several consecutive days this spring, I went outside, found a bit of straw or a twig tucked up there, and took it down.

And then the sneaky featherbombers built a nest overnight while we weren’t looking. Eternal vigilance and all that, I guess.

Anyway, since the day-to-day growth of last year’s second clutch of robins was pretty well-documented, we’ve paid little attention to these, though we can hear them a few times a day when they’re hungry, and occasionally we’ve seen beaks peeking over the rim of the nest hoping for food.

Since it’s probably getting close to time for them to leave, I figured I’d snap one picture for posterity:

Robin hatchlings, spring 2010

I thought there were three eggs in there, but maybe I was mistaken.

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