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Doctor Who Sixth Series: GeekDad Review and Giveaway

Doctor Who Sixth Series DVD

Over at GeekDad I reviewed the DVD set of the amazing Sixth Series of Doctor Who, from “The Impossible Astronaut” to “The Wedding of River Song” and a ton of extras to boot.

And if that alone isn’t enough to encourage you to click over and read it, how about this: GeekDad has three sets of the series to give away to lucky readers – so seriously, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, or you know someone who’s a Doctor Who fan, and you want a chance to maybe get a very cool present for someone (or yourself!), click through and register for the drawing: You have until 11:59 p.m. EST, Monday Nov. 28, but you’re online now, so why wait?

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Pick a Doctor, Any Doctor

I watched my first pre-2005 Doctor Who episodes over the weekend. Not only did they more than make up for my perception of the show as a kid, they inspired a GeekDad post:

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