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Road reading

imageThis is the stack of books for the road trip , and if my copy of Geek Dad arrives before next Monday, I’ll add it to the pile. And I’ll probably throw my D&D Player’s Handbook on there, too.

I’ve already started Daemons Are Forever, which is my introduction to the Eddie Drood/Shaman Bond series, even though it’s the second book. Back in May, the guys at JABberwocky Literary Agency Tweeted that they had some Simon R. Green books to give away, so I offered to take a couple off their hands. Since a) two of my favorite recently-discovered authors work with this agency and b) I went through a serious James Bond phase when I was in high school, and c) um, free books, I figured these would be something I’d enjoy.

Goblin Quest is an overdue read, and Margaret Peterson Haddix’ Found comes at the recommendation of my daughter, who’s got a short but good track record in that department.

Yes, I’m deliberately keeping the reading light. I once made the mistake of deciding that a 30-hour bus trip from Orlando to Cleveland was a fine opportunity to read my first John Steinbeck novel, and I picked The Grapes of Wrath. And did I mention that this was a trip to visit my seriously ill Dad, during the dark times of the early 1990s? I mean, not that reading something like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would have improved my actual situation, but it probably wouldn’t have made the already-depressing bus ride even worse.

It’s also entirely possible that this stack will grow a bit during the trip, since a visit to Mysterious Galaxy is most definitely in order when we’re in San Diego. Speaking of which: They’ve sold some copies of Collect All 21, and there are still some signed editions available, and while it would be cool to go out there and see my book on their shelves, it would be even cooler not to see them there and perhaps even drop off a few more copies if, say, they’ve sold out. (San Diego Star Wars fans? A little help? You’re awesome.)

So: The books are set. Now, there’s this matter of clothes, food, Coca-Cola, Oreos, Lemonheads…

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I’ve landed in a Mysterious Galaxy.

Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego

Photo: Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, CA.

I only know Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego by reputation, but when I started planning for a trip out west this summer, I got in touch with them about maybe arranging a Collect All 21! reading while I was there. Although we couldn’t make that happen, co-owner Maryelizabeth Hart said the book did seem like a great fit for the store, so I’m extremely excited to say that they’re carrying signed copies on their shelves – For real – look here!

So, if you’re in San Diego and you’re a Star Wars fan, consider stopping in and checking it out: Even just picking it up and giving it a look would be great, because then, you know, other cool people like you will say, “Hey, what’s that incredibly interesting person reading? And what an amazing cover!”

(Yes, I’m being goofy. It doesn’t change the fact that I really am kind of bowled over by this, and I can’t wait to visit the store this summer and thank them in person.)

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