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Shiny new droids and two-wheeled TIEs

I just found the files from an old FieldsEdge page I thought I had lost for good: Several years ago, inspired by Gus Lopez’ patent images page at The Star Wars Collectors Archive, I went poking through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s online database for similar stuff. (You damn kids and your Google, get off my lawn.)

My three favorite finds were this Japanese toy designer’s ship (clearly a TIE Fighter with wheels instead of solar panels – it even references the TIE’s design patent):

At least it's not up on blocks.

Somewhere, Bob Falfa is insanely jealous.

Mock it all you want: No X-Wing's got a turning radius of ZERO.

… and the two original design patents filed Sept. 12, 1977 in the names of Ralph McQuarrie and Norman Reynolds. Each is labeled simply “robot.”

A mindless philosopher...

... and an overweight glob of grease.

I kind of like that Threepio’s eyes make him look like a refugee from the Island of Misfit Droids, and this is clearly the No Frills Artoo.

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