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This is Me in ’83 – Saturday Morning D&D

I started to write up my memories of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, which premiered on CBS Sept. 17, 1983, and then realized I’d really like to contribute this particular bit of recollection to GeekDad.


And I’m glad I did, because it’s been really cool seeing the responses on GeekDad, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and realizing that hey, I struck a nice nostalgic nerve with this one.

We even made the official Daily D&D!

Owly Images

I didn’t want to overload the GeekDad post with pictures, so here are a couple images from the cartoon’s closing credits that I mentioned. Still gorgeous and a little sad, somehow – but in that good sort of way. (And I think I figured out why I love them so much. It’s an amusement park at dusk. Weak spot.)



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The Most Important Person in the Whole Wide World

One of my favorite things about living in the future?

Our access to the past.

About three seconds of the opening theme to this Saturday morning PSA wandered through my head five minutes ago, and POOF! Here it is:

What’s funny to me is that of the cartoon segments, I only remembered the visuals, not the music and lyrics. But the opening theme and the live action shots and even the title font all bubbled up from the recesses of my brain as soon as I saw that striped cup at the birthday party. The closing animation with the birds and that little furry guy on the rope? Classic.

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Flash Fluoride LIVES!

Thanks to Kirk Demarais and his Secret Fun Blog for firing up some long-dormant synapses with this:

Seriously – If you had asked me if I remembered “The Toothbrush Family,” I would have said no. Even if you’d mentioned Hot Rod Harry and Susie Sponge and Flash Fluoride? Answer’s still no.

Two seconds into that video, though, and the triggers are pulled, and it all comes back.

Stuff like this fascinates me: Clearly I had the memory of this cartoon lodged in my brain cells somewhere – but if I’d never gotten to see this clip again, and I’d never accessed those memories, is that really “forgetting” the cartoon itself, or is that just losing the key to the garage, if you know what I mean? This makes me wonder how much other stuff I might still have tucked away that I just can’t quite get to without a little help.

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Golly-Gee / Go Ahead 3

I’ve been working the phone and computer a LOT today. Who’s up for unwinding with a rousing round of “The New Adventures of Gilligan?”

(click for the bigger version)

(click for the bigger version)

I got this at a garage sale years ago for a DIME. That’s more than ninety percent off the original $1.08 price tag, my bargain-hunting friends! (A price tag which, oddly enough, labels this product “Health & Beauty.” Maybe it was next to the coconut shampoos and banana skin lotion?)

(You REALLY want to see the big version of this. Go ahead. Click.)

(You REALLY want to see the big version of this. Go ahead. Click.)

How cool is this board, anyway? Here’s a straight overhead view. A stand-up hut, mountains in the background, and a tree-arch jungle you can get lost in. Everyone (ages 6 to 12, at least) is a winner!  (Yeah – 6 to 12. Really? Kelsey’s 12, yet somehow I don’t see her picking this over Munchkin Bites anytime soon.)

And in case you’re wondering why this cartoon version of Ginger has white hair, it’s because (if you believe Wikipedia), the creators apparently feared actress Tina Louise’s possible objections to the use of her image.

Ready? Roll to see who goes first!

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