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Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men

I had this when I was a kid. Seemed fitting to look it up with Halloween approaching, since it’s basically a monster story.

Eventually my 45 rpm record got a scratch on it just past the 8-minute mark, and Spidey would say, “Gotta get out of here fast- Gotta get out of here fast- Gotta get out of here fast…”

I was also strangely disturbed and fascinated by the – SPOILER ALERT – panel depicting the villain’s transformation (10:35), particularly his yellow-and-green-faced phase.

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Kirk Demarais’ Mail-Order Mysteries: Two See-Through Thumbs Up

My friend Kirk Demarais’ new book is coming out this month, and if you grew up marveling and wondering at comic book ads promising magical voice-throwing powers or an army in a footlocker … all will be revealed!

Kirk Demarais Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads

Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads! is a lot of fun (the exclamation point in the title practically guarantees it, right?), and as I mentioned in my GeekDad review, Kirk lets his love for all these bits of cheesy goodness shine through.

Kirk also took some time to answer email questions for a GeekDad interview, and demonstrates a couple of the novelties in this video on YouTube:

And when you have 15 minutes to spare, his short film Flip is another great tribute to this part of childhood:

Got more than 15 minutes? Go lose yourself at Secret Fun Spot for awhile. Then buy his book so he’ll keep digging up all these treasures to share.

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Don’t forget Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!

Saturday’s weather forecast looks iffy, but  FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is still on over at The Toys Time Forgot in Canal Fulton, Ohio, so rain or not – come over and get free comics from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What free comics, you ask? Look, here’s the whole list of possibilities – and not every shop is going to have them all – but any day is a good day to visit this place anyway. I’ve seen a lot of stores carrying old toys, but never anyplace that has such a ridiculously cool load of “holy-crap-I-forgot-they-even-MADE-this” stuff in addition to the high-profile toy lines like Star Wars and G.I. Joe and Transformers and Sea Wee- um, never mind. Here’s a peek, though it barely hints at the wonders within.

There may or may not be some cool movie and TV vehicles on hand, depending on the weather, but I can tell you this much: Darth Vader and a stormtrooper lackey or two are likely to show, and I’ll be there helping nostalgify things with copies of Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek.

You want I should draw you a map? Here –

Mappity mapping, mappily.

Easy to find. Tough to leave empty-handed. Click to embiggen.

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Past Heroes’ Glory

This isn’t the Marvel Star Wars ad I was looking for – it’s better.

I was actually flipping through the few old Star Wars comics I have looking for this Heroes World advertisement, but instead – ohhhhh, man, I found this one:

Seriously: Two movies and 39 comics in, and Heroes World doesn't know it's not "Hans" Solo yet?

Collect All 31 - or just click for larger versions.

From the horror-movie title font to the Epic Flying Landspeeder to the “Hell-With-The-Fourth-Wing-It’ll-Mess-Up-The-Composition” X-Wing Fighter, I challenge you to find a better collective piece of vintage Star Wars advertising art.

And just in case you missed them, please make note of Mighty Walrusman Snaggletooth (Totally Ripped Abs Edition!) –

Heeeere I come to drink blue miiiiiiilk!

The MightyWalruSnag.

and the Duck-Footed R5-D4, which presaged the Bloom County Banana Jr. aesthetic by a year or two!

This artoo unit has a bad motivator and three left feet.

Worst split-screen effects ever.

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Neil Gaiman, Arthur, and Geekdom

©2010 WGBH / Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.

Sept. 2010 – Further update: This entry has seen a bump in traffic since I posted the first images of Neil Gaiman’s cartoon appearance on PBS’ Arthur over at WIRED’s GeekDad blog. For more art and details from the episode – which premieres the week of October 25, 2010 – you should go read the whole article.

Edit 2/5/10 – I wrote something. Neil Gaiman said he loved it. That’s kind of crazyawesome.

Kelsey and I have been fans of PBS’ Arthur pretty much since she was old enough to focus her eyes on the television. We quote lines from the show just the way we do with Star Wars or Fringe or Help!

It’s hard to say which of us is more excited that Neil Gaiman‘s going to be on the show, but the news inspired me to write this post for GeekDad.

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Akron-Canton Comic Con: Save the Date!

Thanks to West Coast comic book enthusiast Michael Hamersky for this nice weekend mention about the June 28 Akron-Canton Comic Con. I’m looking forward to setting up my table and catching up with Molly Durst (Symphony of the Universe Volumes One and Two now available on Amazon!) and, of course, hanging out with Adam, who’ll be there signing and selling copies of Deus ex Comica.

I’ll have copies of the shiny new edition of Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek on hand.

Jeff Harper does a fantastic job running these local shows and supporting independent creators, and since admission is just $3 (seriously – three bucks!), that leaves plenty of extra cash in your wallet to, you know – buy books and comics and stuff!

Chapparells Community Center is  just off Interstates 77 and 76 in Akron, so it’s ridiculously easy to find from just about anywhere – so come on in and say hello!

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Hey, I KNOW that guy!

Tim O’Shea at Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Adam Besenyodi about “Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Fan.” You should go read it, then maybe order a book or five, and then make a road trip to Bills Books & More in Canton, Ohio this weekend to get it appropriately signed on Free Comic Book Day.

Just a thought.

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News from the Field’s Edge

A couple years back, Jim Carchidi and I started Field’s Edge as a semi-bloggish online magazine where we could publish the features and essays and photos and projects that we were tackling just for fun outside of our full-time journalism jobs. And we had a blast. We ran interviews with Star Wars model maker Lorne Peterson, artist Tara McPherson, Milk and Cheese creator Evan Dorkin; Jim brought in a ton of amazing art on every thing from a music-legend-laden Monday Night Football intro filming shoot to B.B. King to Chinese New Year and MegaCon. (Jim, incidentally, is setting up a new site and already has some amazing pictures there.)

We did personal essays and reviews and pop culture things like my look at The Breakfast Club and thoughts on seeing The Police reunited, and Jim’s adventures in flying and IKEA. (And of course, two years ago, the essay series that eventually grew into Collect All 21! began here, too.)

My longtime friend Adam Besenyodi jumped in with contributions on Nine Inch Nails, children’s television, Chuck D, and Deus ex Comica, another essay series which grew into a book. (Adam also introduced us to Evad Sdrawkcab and “The Misadventures of a Comic Fan,” which we ran for awhile.)

It was always fun to have Field’s Edge around, even when it sat for awhile relatively unattended, because it gave us an outlet. And while I’ve archived most of the original pages and articles so the existing links floating around out there don’t go dead, with my recent launch into the world of full-time freelance writing, editing and consulting, I felt the site needed reworked, especially since I use the domain to send and receive work-related email.

So I’ve been learning the basic tweaks and tricks of WordPress, switched my hosting over to a much cheaper and easier-to-use Linux-based service, and seem to have ironed out the biggest wrinkles in setting up and customizing the new

This blog’s not going anywhere, of course. I’m thinking of as kind of my online office, where you can get in touch with me for writing, editing and communications projects, and this blog as my outlet for everything else.

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FX Orlando 2009 – Star Trek Stuff

Seems a couple searchers landed here over the past 24 hours looking for some of the Star Trek actors I mentioned in the FX Orlando-related part of my previous post, so in the interest of being helpful to those people kind enough to visit my blog, here are more pictures, courtesy of Jim:

Jonathan Frakes, FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

Jonathan Frakes, FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

Jonathan Frakes, FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

Jonathan Frakes, FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

Future Riker: All Good Things action figure, FX Orlando, by Jim Carchidi

Future Riker: All Good Things action figure, FX Orlando, by Jim Carchidi

and finally,

Leonard Nimoy at FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

Leonard Nimoy at FX Orlando 2009 by Jim Carchidi

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Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Book Fan

I’ve been meaning to blog this all week, so hopefully I’m making up for my lateness (“I don’t feel tardy”) by putting it here now on Friday, where it will likely take up the top spot for a couple days while I’m traveling.

Deus ex Comica

Adam’s book is finally here.

I picked up my copy earlier this week, and seeing this thing in print after spending most of the last year watching it come to life (and even helping a little bit) is nothing short of fan-freaking-tastic.

I was never as into comic books as Adam was, but reading this collection of flashbacks and insights and pure love for the medium is just plain fun, and yes, this is a completely biased recommendation, but whether you – “or someone you love,” as they say on TV – are an avid comic fan or haven’t picked up an issue in decades even though you scarfed them up as a kid, you should read this book. I mean, Tom DeFalco wrote the foreword, for the love o’Pete.

I also owe Adam for this project providing me some inspiration regarding “Collect All 21,” but that’s for another post.

Now, go read “Deus ex Comica’s” intro and the first chapter at – it’ll be on Amazon soon, but seriously, why wait?

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