Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.


Weird, right?

Think of the chain of coincidences that created this thing:

First, something had to go wrong at the Nabisco plant where this particular Oreo was assembled with its wafers smooth-side-out. (There were actually a bunch of these in this particular package.)

Once shipped to a store and purchased, this particular cookie had to either fall on the floor or get snapped at by one of the Booth cats, because there’s no other reason one of us would just throw away a partially-eaten Oreo. Just doesn’t happen.

Then it gets tossed in the sink with the dinner dishes, and as the water is running, the chocolate part apparently separates and washes away, leaving this neat reverse image on the remaining blob of cream filling, which somehow didn’t dissolve before I saw it. Being easily amused, I ask Jenn take this photo. (Click here for a close-up.)

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