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Boba flakes out.

Boba Fett paper snowflake

Click for a larger version.


My crafting skills are fair at best, and I haven’t folded a paper snowflake in years, but after seeing the link to Anthony Herrera’s Star Wars templates on GeekDad, I gave the Boba Fett a whirl. (Note: The Boba Fett design actually came from Matters of Grey, which inspired Anthony’s creations.)

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In Which An Old Star Wars Fan Learns New Tricks. Sort Of.

Do I prefer the original-era Star Wars movies and toys to the saga’s post-1997 era?


Lest I be accused of Hating All Things Modern Star Wars, however, I present here some clear evidence that in not all cases is The Force with the old-school side of things.

I met Bonnie Burton at Star Wars Celebration V last summer, found myself wowed by her craft skills and creativity, and was bowled over again by her talents on display in The Star Wars Craft Book, which I reviewed for GeekDad. (Spoiler alert: It’s good. If you’re a Star Wars parent, go order it.)

And while I was making my Admiral Sackbar puppet, I thought more than once about the Star Wars Activity Books we had back in the late ’70s.

Consider this display of some projects from Bonnie’s book:

Now, flash back with me to a page from one of the vintage Star Wars Activity Books – helpfully provided by fellow vintage forum member Chris Anthony:

Yeah, that’s um… okay. Maybe we’re being unfair here, showing off all those fancy-type crafts. Let’s just compare, oh, say, puppets.

The aforementioned Admiral Sackbar:

and the R2-D2 puppet (?) from the vintage book:

Bonnie’s AT-AT planter:

Bonnie Burton AT-AT

Photo by Bonnie Burton / The Star Wars Craft Book

and the old-fashioned X-Wing for which you’d run around the house pulling all the toilet paper and paper towels off the rolls, ticking mom off to no end:

And if you have a milk or juice carton around, which would you rather make:

Wookiee Bird House - Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book

Photo by Bonnie Burton / The Star Wars Craft Book

…or a sandcrawler which requires you to apparently visit a 1950’s soda fountain to find axles?

Utinni! Sandcrawler full speed ahead!

Sandcrawler, Phase 2

Here’s the thing: I actually owned a couple of those activity books, and seeing these pages still stirs that nostalgia.

But this time – this time


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