Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Thanks for the ordinary

Here is a completely unextraordinary picture of my backyard, taken about five minutes ago, probably two minutes after I got out of bed.

Welcome Sight

It’s not uncomfortably chilly outside, and the birds have that pre-dawn chatter going on.

I was glad for this.

Because I woke up this morning at about 4:45 – body clock is still adjusting – and my brain started gearing up with notes and ideas and a few moments of worry about the future. Kept me awake for about an hour, when I started thinking, “Okay, at six o’clock, I’ll just get up and get busy.”

Of course, the last time I checked the clock it was 5:40 (I think), and I was starting to doze, and then I was having those insane dreams which, for me, almost always accompany a decision to stay in bed after my mind tries to wake up. My daughter telling me she was eighteen while looking like she was four; fixing a jacuzzi parked in the street under the pitch dark of night; Russians in a restaurant; a former co-worker running a tiny washing machine under his desk.

The sound of my  7 a.m. alarm worked its way in as a broadcast censorship beep over an Aretha Franklin f-bomb on television. (Seriously, I TOLD you this was messed up.)

I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough. Dizzily, I grabbed the camera and stepped outside to clear my head and take that snapshot of, thankfully, a perfectly ordinary morning in the backyard.

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