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Earlier this year, a friend asked if I’d be interested in his 1980s Dungeons & Dragons stuff. He’d played a lot back when we were kids – I wish I’d known that at the time – but hadn’t touched the game in years, and thought I’d enjoy having the classic material on hand, since I now play regularly.

So we struck a deal, and I’ve spent a good amount of time revisiting the books and box sets and modules that I either never had or never fully appreciated as a kid. (Bonus: His collection included a Fiend Folio that even has the remnants of a Kay-Bee toy store price sticker, just like mine did!)

Inside the Basic Set was a sandwich bag containing seven dice. The brown 10- 12- and 20-siders look like they came from the same original set. The light blue d4 and d6 are identical to the ones I got in my own red box Basic Set. The two d8s are each a little different.

I was surprised to see how small those three older brown dice looked, sitting next to dice from my current collection –


– but they felt familiar between my fingertips. And the d4 is numbered the way I remember from middle school, with the digits on the edges rather than the corners.

Thing is, it was only last weekend that I had the realization that These Dice Should Be Rolling! I retrieved them from the Basic box and tumbled them into my dice bag.

Tuesday night’s D&D session was entirely role-playing, but toward the end of the night, we rolled for a bit o’ treasure.

Here’s the result of the d12’s first in-game cast in close to three decades:


This One Goes To Eleven. (And landed Culhwch Keepson a Ring of Climbing.)

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Dice dice baby.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Even though I know I didn’t have to, I really wanted to buy my own dice for my upcoming return to Dungeons & Dragons. I had to run errands today after lunch, so I drove to the local comic shop where I picked up the d10s we use as Munchkin level counters, and yes, I will admit I was excited about buying my first set of polyhedrals in a couple decades.

So I get there, and the store’s closed. Because it’s Tuesday, that’s why. Well, I’m already out here, and even though I know full well that Jenn & I could come out tomorrow, I’ve had my mind set on new dice, and so I start trying to think of another nearby gaming or comic shop. (Yes, there’s a Toys R Us across the street, but I wanted to shop local, and I really wanted to build my set individually, mix-and-match style, and I figured a big store might only sell RPG dice by the matching set.)

The only comic shop I know by name is the excellent Bill’s Books & More in Canton. It’s well out of my way, and I’m not even sure they carry dice, so I call information and get their number, and here’s where I love the networking knowledge of geeks: Sure enough, Bill’s doesn’t carry dice, but they offer me the names of two shops that do – one of which, of course, was the Closed-for-Tuesday store in the plaza where I’m sitting in my car on the phone. But the staff at Bill’s also points me in the direction of Universal Comics, less than 10 minutes away and a local spot for Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Seemed just the kind of place that would have some dice on tap.

Aaaand, bingo: There they were, available in compartmented plastic bins and separately-packed monochromatic sets. The owner put the variety trays on the counter in front of me and I just started picking dice – one set for me, and one for Jenn, at her request. I tied hers together with a green scheme, choosing different patterns and shades and a transparent emerald d20 for good measure. My set was more scattershot – I just sort of went with what caught my eye – but I like ’em, and they’re my dice.

After totaling the purchase and doing some unneccessary but customer-friendly rounding down, the owner said, “I notice you like green,” and he tossed in a swirled green pip die with the store’s name in the ‘1’ spot. The guy knows how to earn a new customer.

At home, I spilled my new dice into my hand and rattled them on the desktop next to my also-relatively-new-but-bookmarked-with-sticky-notes Player’s Handbook.

I picked up the largest die – it’s deep purple-and-black speckled with bronze numbers – and what flashed through my head as I cast it onto the book cover was, “How cool would it be if -”

I didn’t even get to complete the thought:

All natural.

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