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Disney and Star Wars: When You Wish Upon An ’80s Flashback

Growing up, I had a bedroom with a walk-in closet. Nothing huge – easy enough to touch any two walls at the same time – but big enough that for awhile, I turned it into my writing sanctuary.

I put a folding TV tray table in there, mom’s typewriter, my boom box (the acoustics did wonders for the Top Gun anthem), and loaded the wall-mounted particle-board shelves with inspiration in the form of my Kenner action figures, Matchbox cars, and other assorted stuff. On the walls, I hung paintings from the Star Wars portfolio Mike had given me, some pages torn from Marvel comic books, postcards, and news clippings.

In the mid/late 1980s, as teenagers, this is where my friend Aaron and I wrote and storyboarded our vision for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Cleaning out an old desk this past weekend, I found one of the magazine scraps we had hanging in there:

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