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Announcing Collect All 21! – the expanded “A Few Special Modifications” eBook edition!

(No, I didn’t really mess with Kirk Demarais’ awesome Collect All 21! cover – this is just me messing around with my hand-made third-grade bookplate.)

Please note: As of April 2012, Hukilau has closed its virtual doors, but I have made the expanded digital edition of Collect All 21! available through Amazon.

I’m awfully excited to finally be able to share this: Collect All 21! is now officially available as an eBook, thanks to the fantastic guys at Hukilau digital publishing.

I’d been aiming to get the book into a Kindle / Nook / eReader-friendly format for awhile but never had the patience or time to learn the coding skills myself, so when fate – in the form of my friend Jim – conspired to bring me and Hukilau together, I not only jumped at the chance, I wanted to do something special for the new edition. Hence, to quote a certain smuggler, “I’ve added a few special modifications myself.”

Bottom line: There’s more stuff, in the form of a fairly lengthy addendum to the original book. What, you ask? Cue the promo blurb!

This newly-expanded electronic edition includes the author’s interviews with Star Wars cast and crew members reflecting on the saga’s impact from both first-generation-fan standpoints and a career spent bringing the universe to life on-screen.

There are also a few new bits of my own reflections and memories in there, too.

Even better, From A Certain Point of View, is that even with all the bonus material, you’re looking at a significantly lower cover price and no extra shipping costs. Yes, for real. (Not real? That cover/title change. Just messing around for fun.)

So, what are you waiting for? You know at this point you don’t need an actual Kindle or Nook device: iPads, iPhones, Droids (yes, the ones you’re looking for, ha, ha.) – you can get free reading apps on pretty much any handheld device or laptop or desktop or whatever.

Big, big thanks to Matt Kelland and Wade Inganamort at Hukilau for their encouragement and support and for wanting to make this happen.

(Incidentally, the Lulu-published print edition remains available in its original, addendum-free format.)

Now, links, links, links:

Collect All 21! Kindle edition at Amazon


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“100 Stories for Haiti” – just a reminder

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned 100 Stories for Haiti, but just because I’ve been a slacker about that doesn’t mean the need for Red Cross aid – even three months after the earthquake – has let up, so here’s some news and a few reminders about the book:

BBC Audiobooks America has produced an abridged version – the list of the 20 stories included is here, although the release date has been pushed back to May 1.

The no-seriously-really-name-your-own-price electronic edition at Smashwords still comes in the .lrf, .mobi and .epub formats which mean you can load it in an eyeblink onto your Kindle or your Sony Reader or the portable Apple device of your choosing, and >poof!< you’ve got a hundred short reads all queued up for whenever you have a spare minute or three.

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