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New Arrivals

Remember these?

Now they’re these:

(click for a bigger version)

(click for a bigger version)

I’m figuring two or three days old, at most. They’re not even making any noise yet, so I didn’t know they’d hatched. I just figured I’d check in with the camera this afternoon.

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Birds of a feather

At the end of April, I came home one afternoon and saw the obvious beginnings of a bird’s nest on top of our front porch light, right outside the door. Now, I figured I’d be doing the builder a favor by discouraging this from the outset: We have cats who occasionally go outside, for one thing, and the front door is the one that gets the most in-and-out use, so this nest wouldn’t be in the most tranquil of locations.

So I pulled down the half-dozen strands of dried grass and the few twigs tucked up behind the light and went inside.

The next morning, there’s a finished nest up there. I think I want these birds to re-do our bathroom, because this thing was put together neat and sturdy and fully functional overnight.

And there’s a fat robin sitting in it who flaps and complains loudly as soon as the screen door opens.

It’s just high enough that I can’t see into it, so I grab the Flip camera Jenn gave me for Christmas and hold it up near the porch ceiling for a quick blind shoot downward into the nest. A minute later, we’re looking at three tiny blue eggs on the video screen.

We missed the actual hatching, but managed to catch the babies’ growth in a series of short video clips shot between May 10 and May 18:

(Not the greatest quality, I know, but I was shooting sight unseen.)

And judging by this excellently-shot and documented Baby Robin Journal, I think we started filming them at about 4 or 5 days old.

I wasn’t home the day the trio left the next in a kerfuffle, but they seem to have stuck around and set up residence in the tree just outside my window. There’s been a lot of birdnoise out there lately.

Then today, while I was mowing, I saw two youngish birds in the lawn – Jenn had told me last week that she’d seen a baby mourning dove taking a meal out there one afternoon.

I think this is a mourning dove. (Click for a closer look.)

I think this is a mourning dove. (Click for a closer look.)

And then there was this one, which looks kind of like one of the hatchlings from our porch nest:

And of course, about a week ago, we started noticing a bird hanging around the porch again.

The nest isn’t empty anymore:

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