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Read an E-Book Week

No, I don’t own an electronic book reader, and yes, I prefer my reading in dead-tree editions, and I don’t see that changing in the near future for many reasons. But today is apparently the beginning of something called Read an E-Book Week , brought to my attention through my involvement with the 100 Stories for Haiti project, so it’s pixelpages of which I’ll speak today.

I’ve read two Wil Wheaton books electronically –  Memories of the Future Vol. 1 and Sunken Treasure – as well as Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Asthmatica, all three of which break up similarly and fit that entertain-me-for-a-couple-minutes-at-a-time need that pops up every so often during my day. (You can only unwind with so much Yahtzee clone, you know?) I have downloaded longer works – Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother is on my desktop as of late last week – but I have yet to read one of them entirely here at my computer.

I am, in fact, currently reading 100 Stories for Haiti‘s electronic edition because while the Bridge House paperback is available, I expect it will be awhile before my copy arrives from overseas. Being far too eager to dive into the collection to wait, I went to Smashwords and picked my own price for the download, which in case I haven’t said it an even 1,138 times yet, still means all the proceeds to to the Red Cross relief effort in Haiti and you get a very cool book besides. (And hey, do the book and the Red Cross a favor, and if you do download it or buy the hardcopy, go to its Amazon page – yes, the UK version works for members just fine – and leave a quick rating or a review and click on the book’s tagged terms (anthology, short stories, fiction, etc.), and help boost its profile a bit.)

With its 1,000-words-or-fewer pieces 100 stories for Haiti fits my own ebook bill perfectly. They’re arranged alphabetically and I’m only in the Ds right now, but I’ve always been a fan of short fiction and I’m really enjoying the variety of styles and moods and approaches, and there’s just some flat-out good writing in here.

It also seems somehow appropriate that since technology made it possible for dozens of people to come together for a project like this in just six weeks, I should sit here in a room in Ohio on a sunny March morning, and with a few quick clicks and keystrokes, hear voices from Australia,  Botswana, Finland, Germany, the UK…

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