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Collect All 21: Hugo eligibility

Kenner Death Star 1978

The author tests the blowupability of the Kenner Death Star gun.

Please note: As of April 2012, Hukilau has closed its virtual doors, but the expanded digital edition of Collect All 21! is available through Amazon.

So, thanks to the fantastically supportive editors at Hukilau, it seems that Collect All 21! could be eligible for 2012 Hugo Award nomination in the Best Related Work category. Here’s how the Hugo Awards site describes the category:

Best Related Work: Awarded to a work related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing for the first time during the previous calendar year or which has been substantially modified during the previous calendar year. The type of works eligible include, but are not limited to, collections of art, works of literary criticism, books about the making of a film or TV series, biographies and so on, provided that they do not qualify for another category.

And while it doesn’t get more specific than that, I would think that expanding the book by almost one-third and widening its scope to include cast and crew features and interviews – thanks in large part to the encouragement of Hukilau editor Matt Kelland – might be seen as a substantial enough modification to count as a “new” 2011 publication. (Hugo voters, nominating Worldcon/Chicon 7 members and other in-the-know types? Please feel free to give me or someone at Hukilau a heads-up if we’re misinterpreting.)

I know the whole 1970s-’80s nostalgia angle is a turn-off in some quarters, and I know that George Lucas has done precious few favors for the legacy of his original 1977 version of Star Wars. Regardless of that still-evolving perception, I think it’s still more than fair to say that Star Wars was at the very least the gateway through which many science fiction fans and writers were introduced to the genre, and that’s something I tried to preserve and recognize in Collect All 21!  And hey – it did nab a spot last year on the Topless Robot list of the 10 Greatest Non-Fiction Star Wars Books.)

This year, the Hugos will be awarded at Chicon 7, about which I’ve been excited for some time because it’s an easy drive from Northeast Ohio, and I’ve been hoping to attend no matter what. All sorts of details about nominating memberships and attending memberships can be found here at the Chicon site.

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Collect All 21! – Pay With A Tweet! (or Facebook mention)

Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek - Hukilau edition

Please note: As of April 2012, Hukilau has closed its virtual doors, but I have made the expanded digital edition of Collect All 21! available through Amazon.

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“100 Stories for Haiti” – just a reminder

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned 100 Stories for Haiti, but just because I’ve been a slacker about that doesn’t mean the need for Red Cross aid – even three months after the earthquake – has let up, so here’s some news and a few reminders about the book:

BBC Audiobooks America has produced an abridged version – the list of the 20 stories included is here, although the release date has been pushed back to May 1.

The no-seriously-really-name-your-own-price electronic edition at Smashwords still comes in the .lrf, .mobi and .epub formats which mean you can load it in an eyeblink onto your Kindle or your Sony Reader or the portable Apple device of your choosing, and >poof!< you’ve got a hundred short reads all queued up for whenever you have a spare minute or three.

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