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Things collide here.

There comes a time in a fan’s life…

..when he has to admit that it’s just patently unfair to the art of  movie and promotional posters to keep them rolled up and stored away simply because he’ll never have the gallery he needs to fully appreciate them.

“He,” in this case, being me:

That's the trunk that my ancestors brought over from Germany in the 1800s. The flyer for the Wyandot County Community Stage production of Die Fledermaus confirms that family & friends started saving posters for me upon arrival.

…and I feel like there is still a poster tube or two I couldn’t find this morning.

These things have come from movie theatres, conventions, opening days, store displays,  collectors’ meetings and video stores and who knows where else. Some of them I picked up firsthand, most of them came from wonderful friends and family who thought, “You know who’d like this? John.” And they were right.

And I wish I could justify keeping them all, but you know, they deserve to be out and displayed and enjoyed, and if I wallpapered my entire office with these I wouldn’t need any paint at all.

Many of them have had their wall-time over the years, either in my various “work” spaces or in Kelsey’s room, so none of them are what I’d call pristine, but there are some neat ones: Double-sided theatrical posters designed to be backlit, foreign posters, Star Wars out the wazoo, advertisements, Disney/Pixar stuff, pre-release mini-posters.

Mind you, it’s not that I’ve lost my fandom toward these things, it’s just that there are three factors coming into play:

One, as mentioned, I just don’t have the room. I don’t think I’ve bought anything bigger than a comic page to hang on my wall in at least five years, and these are just one more roadblock on the path to my office and workspace reorganization. Two, with all the traveling I’ve got planned this year, particularly of the geeky/Collect All 21 promotional sort which I don’t like to fund with my “regular” writing paychecks – PAX East this month; Celebration V in August; a cross-country road trip in between – I’d like to be able to stockpile a little savings, so I’ll be popping this whole pile on eBay very, very soon. (Individually, of course, so it may take a few days.)

And three: Really, these do need to be on someone’s wall someplace.

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Star Wars Celebration Revisited: Day 2.

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