Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Colors of the day.

Outside, it’s been gray and rainy all day.

Not so inside.

I woke up first this morning and got in the shower. Afterward, I went to wake up Kelsey and found that she wasn’t in her room – but she was also nowhere in the house: On my way to the coffee maker, I saw her walking through the backyard in pajamas and rain boots, heading for a rogue patch of daffodils that sprouts up in at the edge of the woods. Then she went around front and found a purple hyacinth with a broken stem. When I unlocked the front door for her, she was only a little disappointed to find that she wasn’t going to completely surprise us with the flowers on the table.

Easter morning flowers - and guest.

Easter morning flowers - and hitchhiker.

Purple hyacinths

Jenn and Kelsey and I dyed and decorated eggs this afternoon – after K.and I chilled out with a couple of our favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Pretty soon, our table was populated by The Pink Panther,

Pink Panther Easter egg

and this guy,

Egg with A Thousand Eyes

and Jupiter,

Jupiter egg

and a fish,

Fish. Egg.

and goopy-three-eyes,

goopy three eyed egg

and this creation that reminds me of Gossamer from the Bugs Bunny cartoons:

orange fuzzy egg

and yes, They Might Be Giants fans, an egg with a purple toupee:

purple toupee egg

I hope your day has been enjoyable and colorful in its own way, too.

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