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Nerding in L.A.

In Collect All 21, I wrote about the day I got my dad to take me to Kmart on a quest to find some of the new second wave of original Kenner Star Wars figures, which included the first action figure incarnations of several of the cantina scene aliens.  None were to be found. Utterly disheartened, I settled for a pair of Battlestar Galactica figures instead: the six-limbed Ovion and the purple lizard Imperious Leader.

So yesterday, some thirty-odd years later, I’m making my first visit to Los Angeles, where a few friends are treating me to the nerdtastic and occasionally slightly creepy wonderland that is Frank & Son’s.

And look what I found:

He’s every bit as ungainly and strangely textured and so unlike my Star Wars guys as I remembered, but as sad as I was that day to settle for him in place of a Hammerhead or Greedo or Snaggletooth, over the years the Imperious Leader came to hold a special place in my memory. This time around, he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

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