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Solar Storms and Galaxies and Why GeekDad Rocks.



I have a post up at GeekDad this morning about the Solar Stormwatch project, and it took me back to the very first guest post I did for the site almost a year ago, “So, How Many Galaxies Have You Classified This Week?

When that post went up last April 4, Jenn and Kelsey and I were in Florida, staying with our good friend Jim. It had been about two weeks since I’d lost my job as a news reporter and blogger, and though I was working hard to make contacts and get freelance assignments, things were off to a slow start.

Having been a fan of GeekDad since Wired launched the site, I sent a note to editor Ken Denmead, who suggested I write something up. Since I had just found Galaxy Zoo a few days earlier, I made it my topic.

I remember sitting at Jim’s living room table using the laptop on a quiet morning – I don’t recall if Ken sent me a “Hey, your post is up” email or if I was just obsessively checking GeekDad to see if they’d used it – and there it was.

Quite the encouraging spark: It was the first time post-layoff that I saw my name attached to a piece published outside my former workplace, and it was on Wired. GeekDad accepted another guest post later that month, and I came on board as a full-fledged contributor in May, just in time for Penguicon 7.0.

It’s been a year of learning and building and often struggling with this stay-at-home writing career, and though GeekDad has played a small role financially, it has meant an awful lot to me: Though I’m not the most prolific writer there, I have a ridiculous amount of fun writing for GeekDad, and the group of contributors I have come to know online over the past year is just an amazing, enthusiastic, supportive bunch.

I’ve gotten to talk with people like Bonnie Burton and Jim C. Hines and Tim Kehoe and I mean, holy crap, this month I’m going to be on a PAX East GeekDad Panel, which aside from being awesome in itself, means I get to finally meet and thank a few of my fellow GeekDads in person.

They are a solar storm of fantastic.

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GeekDad Guest Post!

I’ve been a huge fan of Wired’s GeekDad blog since it launched two years ago, so seeing my name up there as a guest poster is a ridiculously cool thrill! Thanks to editor Ken Denmead for giving me the shot.

And though I missed it due to traveling and spending some fantastic time with the extended family, Galaxy Zoo easily surpassed its cosmic classification goal – update: Here’s the site’s blog about the millionth click but the effort’s still rolling at 1.6 million and counting.

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Galaxy Hopping

Well, thank the heavens for Bad Astronomy, because, you know, there just aren’t enough ways to kill time on the internet, right?

It took me all of two seconds to decide I wanted to play a small part in Galaxy Zoo‘s quest for one million galaxy classification clicks during the 100 Hours of Astronomy – and if you’re reading this before April 5, 2009, then You’re Soaking In It –  and, as Phil Plait promised, it’s crazy addictive. I stopped after 22 classifications just to come over and bang this out, and then I’m headed back.

So far, this one‘s my favorite:

This is the sort of thing that never ceases to thrill and humble and quake me: Think of it – that smudge, there. That’s a freaking GALAXY. It’s a real place out there. It’s uncounted stars and solar systems. It exists. It’s possible to be there. It’s not just dots or light, but an actual physical occupant of this universe, that galaxy and its suns and possible planets.

I’d better stop or I’m not sleeping anytime soon.

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