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Geek at the truck show

A few non-work-related photos from my trip last week to the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville.


I love amusement park skylines. This is part of Kentucky Kingdom, re-opening in May.

Next: Nerdworld and truckland collide:

IMG_20140325_164056_460 IMG_20140325_164106_126

…and again:


Western Star Trucks’ Optimus Prime, from the next Transformers movie.

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News from Fun-Fun Mountain: An interview with FoxTrot’s Bill Amend!

I’ve been a FoxTrot fan since mid-to-late 1989, when my Calvin & Hobbes calendar was nearing the end of its useful days and I tapped FoxTrot‘s “Slug-Man: The Calendar” as its successor.

I don’t think our local paper actually ran FoxTrot at the time – in fact, the calendar may have been my introduction to the strip. That creator Bill Amend not only invented a character (10-year-old Jason Fox) geeky enough to create his own comic book hero, but also turned out a series of illustrations and story panels as done by that character just struck me as incredibly original and fun. And since Jason was a Star Wars fan and a computer nerd and a role-playing game enthusiast, it was easy for me to get hooked.

Waiting for the Slug-Man and Leech Boy app...

Bill Amend and FoxTrot: Click on the image to read my GeekDad interview.

Back in February, this Avatar-inspired strip sparked a goofy sort of thought in my head about how lucky Jason Fox has been, since he’s gotten to remain a young fan over all these years, and he was as excited about Avatar as he was about the Super Nintendo and the Lord of the Rings movies. And then I started thinking about how I’d love to talk to Bill about the geeky aspects of the comic strip, especially since at the time, all the PAX East news was just coming out, and he was going to be there.

So I sent him an email, and he said yes, and though it took awhile to come together, what with the insanity of planning his panel and traveling to and from PAX, and then the launch of the latest FoxTrot book and all, it finally did happen, and the whole interview is up at GeekDad.

I’ve been awfully excited about this ever since Bill’s initial response, but didn’t want to jinx anything by mentioning it. And the guy was so friendly in both his emails and in person at PAX – I mean, he signed my friend Paul’s D&D rulebook with a drawing of Jason as a DM! – and gave some really fun and thoughtful answers for the interview that it was absolutely worth the wait while this thing unfolded, so it would be very cool of you to go read and and share it.

And as an aside, it’s not very often that as a fan, you have a chance to personally thank someone for the joy their work has brought you, so I’m grateful to Bill for both the two-plus decades of FoxTrot (which my daughter has also come to love) and for making that chance to say “thanks” not only possible, but truly enjoyable.

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Collect All 21: Special Garbage Pail Kids Bonus Shout-Out Edition

Thanks to Shawn Kemple for posting this review of “Collect All 21!” which gets bonus points for referencing Garbage Pail Kids. He also mentions his own toy-trading adventures as a kid (seems there was a Transformers Jetfire brouhaha in there) and playing Lucasarts’ “X-Wing” on a computer with no sound card. Schweet!

My favorite bit, though, is this:

I personally don’t think you even need to be a hardcore Star Wars fan to enjoy this book. Many of the memories in here can be related to anything if you were a kid growing up in the late 70’s-80’s.

That sort of thing is awfully humbling and  gratifying to hear.

>runs off grinning and humming “Airwolf” theme.<

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GeekDad Review of the Cyber Ray

(click the image to visit my review at GeekDad)

Over the past week, I spent several days playing with the Swim Ways Radio Control Cyber Ray – in the name of SCIENCE, I tell you! It was WORK! (Okay, no, not really, but it was for this GeekDad review, so, you know, give it a click and validate my efforts!)

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Yars’ Raiding Destruction Road Race USA: The Light and the Dark

LucasArts’  return to its classic Monkey Island video game series got me thinking of all the hours I spent on the family room floor playing Atari, succeeded by the basement setup with our couch and our Commodore 64 and stacks and stacks of floppy disks packed with games from to Agent USA to Zork. I came up with a list of nine I’d love to see reborn for a new generation of consoles and players, and had a ton of fun writing it up for GeekDad: Nine Video Games Ripe for Rebirth.

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“Dad is great! Gave us chocolate cake!”

My daughter and one of her friends are totally hooked on Jim Gaffigan‘s Comedy Central specials, and hearing them re-create quotes and bits about Hot Pockets and bears and bacon reminded me of when my friends and I used to do the same thing with Bill Cosby and Steven Wright. I wrote about it over at GeekDad – why not go read it?

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If you can’t get Dad a 12-back Han Solo… could get him something from the GeekDad Father’s Day Gift Guide, to which I contributed some cinematic suggestions. Part one is up today, part two is on the way.

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Of GeekDads and Star Wars and Girls and Duran Duran Trapper Keepers.

Last week, over at GeekDad, I reviewed Bonnie Burton’s book Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change. You should definitely click here to read the post – I’m not going to cover much of the same ground here, but I thought it was good and practical and insightful. And my daughter’s been very possessive of it since I brought it home from the library.

BurtonBookKelsey’s just wrapping up sixth grade – which has included its share of age-appropriate social drama – so Bonnie’s book came along at a good time for us. (And honestly, how impressive is it that someone who grew up in the 1980s like me can manage to write a book that somehow connects with both me and my daughter?)

And Bonnie – who writes and edits Lucasfilm’s and has done a ton of other writing you can find through her site –  was a ridiculously fun interview: We talked my office phone’s battery to death, for starters, and for my money, anytime you can look back at a conversation’s topic checklist and check off Duran Duran Trapper Keepers, Nine Inch Nails and Peter Murphy, Fringe, junior high angst, Star Wars, and Ranger Rick magazine, well, that talk is a keeper.

Also, she recently Tweeted that for instant pop culture taste improvement, “Journey is the bacon of music.” And how can you not get behind that?

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Geeks A-Twitter

Geekdad’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter” list (to which I contributed a few) posted on Wired this morning, so if you’re looking for more ways to be entertained and informed by some of the smartest, wittest and most fun people online, you should go read it.

Speaking of Twitter, the site’s new policy “muzzling” the @ replies from people you follow to people you don’t strikes me as more than a bit unnecessary. (Because, unless something has changed, you could already opt out of those updates.) At any rate, the workarounds – simply removing the initial @ symbol, or crafting your response to someone so that it begins with text rather than the @reply format – are already out there.)

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