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Back (waaaaay back) to school

I love that this nice note about Collect All 21! focuses on a small, specifice piece of growing up in the 1980s that has little to do with Star Wars. (I also love that it’s on a blog focused on someone’s Class of ’88. Cue Night Ranger.)

Don’t get me wrong: Without Star Wars, this book doesn’t happen, but I also really wanted to recapture the mood and feel of being a kid back then, and the newness of things like VCRs (Ours had a cord-attached remote-control. I’m not kidding) and cable television with funny channel-switching boxes (I still know that 11P1 = MTV) and figuring out how to do goofy things with tape recorders and cassettes by covering up the “erase prevention” gap.

Also, the school hallway referenced in that particular section? Still in use – my daughter had art class in the same room I once did. And though it’s been a few years, the last time I was there, it still smelled the same as it had when I was a kid.

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