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A complete and total Redshirt-O-Rama

Redshirts John Scalzi

Image: Tor Books

John Scalzi’s new novel, Redshirts, comes out next week. You can read my review of the book over at GeekDad, along with an interview in which Scalzi talks about science fiction tropes and humor in the genre. Both posts were a lot of fun to write.

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The roots of my peculiarity run deep.

The chaos continues around the Booth house today, but I couldn’t resist sharing this.

I have a trunk full of a lot of our family history-type stuff, and someday I’d like to document it all, but last night during my moments of organizing, I came across a typed section of a letter from my maternal grandmother, Donna Ruth Schoenberger, to one of her relatives. Now, for perspective, she died in December 1973, a little more than a month past my third birthday, so while I don’t know when this was written, I’m guessing I was maybe two, two-and-a-half years old, and staying with my grandparents at their farm outside Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Here’s what this clipped-out fragment reads, in part:

Had Johnny for 6 days. Really enjoyed him. He went with me to my to my circle meeting on Tuesday. He was real good. Said he did not want to go to a circle meeting, he wanted to go to a square meeting….


Thanks, folks, I’ll be here all week!

So, yeah, my odd attempts at humor apparently go way back and maybe say a little something about my family which I absolutely love.

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