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Starlog Number 19: February 1979

Adam and I hung out for awhile today at a local comic show, and I was on the hunt again for some 1970s sci-fi print nostalgia like I stumbled onto a couple weeks ago. We’re side by side, thumbing through boxes of magazines, and Adam discovers this piece of wonder:

Starlog 19 cover

Click to enlarge and play "Where's Lion Man?"

I have only watched the Star Wars Holiday Special in its entirety once: The night it aired  – my eighth birthday.

There are only four Starlog No. 19 pages devoted to the special – one of which includes the complete text of Natalie Millar’s article, “Star Wars Invades TV”. Here are the other three – (click to make ’em bigger and really feel the magic) :

Wookiee family photo

Starlog - Star Wars Holiday Special

"Da-aaad! My X-Wing stopped making the laser noise again!"

Starlog - Star Wars Holiday Special

Thank you for being a friend in this wretched hive of scum and villainy.

There’s also this ad:

Reel Images ad, 1979

I love this. Why wouldn't I?

Even aside from the Holiday Special content, there’s loads of stuff in these pages that I would have loved as a kid – and still do. I mean, just look at the cover contents again: the animated Lord of the Rings, Superman, Mars volcanoes, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. Funny thing, though: I didn’t read Starlog when I was little. I remember flipping through it occasionally in the Waldenbooks at Belden Village mall, but I never actually bought a copy. No idea why, other than I suppose if I had $1.95 to spare, it was going toward an action figure.

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Time Travel: Pizzazz Magazine, April 1978

I have a potentially packed-with-awesome day ahead, though it will be hard-pressed to be as fully-loaded as this April 1978 issue of Pizzazz magazine.

I bet aliens were responsible for that errant apostrophe.

Star Wars comics with zombie kids! Thor the Thunder God’s Checkerboard Code! And remember the Comp IV – my uncle had one of these – and PDQ milk flavorings?

Here – I scanned some of the best parts. Try not to be too heartbroken that the sweepstakes deadline has long since passed, so that 19-inch Sony Trinitron Color TV and Atari Video Computer System combo Grand Prize is already in some lucky kid’s avocado-and-maize living room.

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Star Wars 2: Re-revisited. Again. Repeatedly.

So, Bonnie Burton shares this Village Voice look at a December 1980 issue of Fantastic Films which not only includes the ever-present-for-the-era speculation about how the old Star Wars trilogy will wrap up but an article on “Thundarr the Barbarian.”

Ooooo! Inside Scoops!

Ooooo! Inside Scoops!

This makes me think of the November 1980 issue I have of Warren Presents: Empire Encounters Comix which offers the promise of spoilers for “Star Wars 2!” Stuff like Boba Fett leading stormtroopers, a Rebel assault on “Vader’s stronghold and Han Solo and Chewbacca prisoners of the Empire. Editorially, the magazine covers its tail: You’ll notice this publication is something like six months after The Empire Strikes Back came out, so this goofy article opens with a breathless “Whew! Aren’t we glad we didn’t publish these silly notions!” air.

Lots of great ads, too, particularly the full-pager for the Battlestar Galactica-inspired New Warriors Battle Jacket (“For Exciting Adventures from the Disco to the Outer Limits of Space!”)

I scanned and blogged about this issue last year when I was still on TypePad but discovered this morning that for unknown reasons, that particular entry has not made the trip over to WordPress.

On the one hand, this is an irritant. On the other, its an excuse to share it again. So here’s the whole set of Star Wars-related pages over at Flickr, articles and all.

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