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Brand-new Baby Birds

There’s yet another robin’s nest above our front porch light this year. Yesterday, there were four blue eggs in it. When I got back from my run this morning, I noticed a piece of blue shell on the concrete.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a photo of hatchlings that I’m absolutely certain are less than a day old, or that includes the newbies side-by-side with unhatched eggs. (And it looks like #3 might be arriving soon, if I’m judging the chip on that egg correctly.) The picture’s a little blurry, but it’s difficult to shoot into the nest sight unseen, and I didn’t want to cause any more of a disturbance.

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Four blue eggs

They’re back:

Robin eggs, June 2012

Three years ago, I documented the growth of three baby robins in a nest above our front porch light. There were actually two clutches that summer, and we had another family in 2010, but not in 2011.

This year’s nest popped up overnight and includes a bit of green Christmas ribbon.

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And now for something completely different: Star Wars. And baby birds.

The new “Collect All 21!” front and back covers have finally replaced the outdated versions that were hanging around on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, despite the fact that they’ve been shipping the revised edition for almost a couple months now. It took a little prodding – and a couple frustrating days where there were no cover images at all except the customer-submitted pics I posted out of desperation – but it’s fixed now, and that makes me happy. (Not as happy as say, if a few dozen orders were to be placed tomorrow – but happy nonetheless.)

And don’t forget: I’ll be at the Akron-Canton Comic Con this weekend with a nice supply of books on-hand, and they’ll be cheaper than ordering online!

Speaking of Star Wars, I got a nice surprise in the mail today: My friend Samantha who works at  Positively Cleveland sent me a Fanboys DVD. I finally saw the movie earlier this month since it never made it to a Northeast Ohio theatre (funny, of course, since, oh, it’s about a bunch of guys from Ohio and, oh, the writer is from Ohio and grew up here, and oh, the town’s name, “Shandal,” is a none-too-subtle anagram of Ashland, which is all of an hour from here). I enjoyed the movie more than I was prepared to: It really never reached its full potential for either greatness or suckitude, but being a first-generation fan, I was probably a little more forgiving of its flaws, and I’m looking forward to watching the extras and listening to the commentary track.

Finally, here’s your daily baby robin update – and looking at their development, I fully expect to find the nest empty any day now:

Quit touching me! Mom, Theodores pinching! Im tellllllling!!!!

"Quit touching me!" "Mom, Theodore's pinching!" "I'm tellllllling!!!!"

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Feeeed Meeeeeeeee!

Today’s photo was apparently taken near dinnertime:

Click here for even more awwwww!

Click here for even more "awwwww!"

Hard to believe it’s only been a week since these little creatures were all tiny and pink and squirmy.

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Strange Daze.

Today’s had an odd sort of wandering air to it. I suddenly find it’s 5:18 p.m. and I’ve been in this chair most of the day, except for the 3.64-mile run with my brother this morning. (We did it in 28 minutes flat, which works out to about 7:42 per mile, which is good for me. It’s close to my old two-mile race average and slower than the 8:12 I ran in my first five-miler last summer. And it felt really good, actually.)

I have a nice assignment to work on this week, so I made some progress on that in the late morning, but after lunch, things kind of fell into a meandering: nitpicky installation of software required to work on that assignment; ironing out the final wrinkles of a project turned in last week and wrestling with government website data in the process. But damn, I feel like I really should have gotten a lot more done today.

At any rate, here’s today’s Baby Robin Update, which I shot from a slightly different angle just because:

Bigger McBiggen photo here for the clicking.

Bigger McBiggen photo here for the clicking.

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Baby Robin Press: Your Source for Hatchling Updates.

Click to embiggen. Caution: The Cute! It Burns!

Click to embiggen. Caution: The Cute! It Burns!

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Baby robin update

Baby robins. 3 or four days old, we think. (click for close-up)

Baby robins. 3 or four days old, we think. (click for close-up)

Here’s what they looked like yesterday. (And just a few days before that.)

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New Arrivals

Remember these?

Now they’re these:

(click for a bigger version)

(click for a bigger version)

I’m figuring two or three days old, at most. They’re not even making any noise yet, so I didn’t know they’d hatched. I just figured I’d check in with the camera this afternoon.

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Birds of a feather

At the end of April, I came home one afternoon and saw the obvious beginnings of a bird’s nest on top of our front porch light, right outside the door. Now, I figured I’d be doing the builder a favor by discouraging this from the outset: We have cats who occasionally go outside, for one thing, and the front door is the one that gets the most in-and-out use, so this nest wouldn’t be in the most tranquil of locations.

So I pulled down the half-dozen strands of dried grass and the few twigs tucked up behind the light and went inside.

The next morning, there’s a finished nest up there. I think I want these birds to re-do our bathroom, because this thing was put together neat and sturdy and fully functional overnight.

And there’s a fat robin sitting in it who flaps and complains loudly as soon as the screen door opens.

It’s just high enough that I can’t see into it, so I grab the Flip camera Jenn gave me for Christmas and hold it up near the porch ceiling for a quick blind shoot downward into the nest. A minute later, we’re looking at three tiny blue eggs on the video screen.

We missed the actual hatching, but managed to catch the babies’ growth in a series of short video clips shot between May 10 and May 18:

(Not the greatest quality, I know, but I was shooting sight unseen.)

And judging by this excellently-shot and documented Baby Robin Journal, I think we started filming them at about 4 or 5 days old.

I wasn’t home the day the trio left the next in a kerfuffle, but they seem to have stuck around and set up residence in the tree just outside my window. There’s been a lot of birdnoise out there lately.

Then today, while I was mowing, I saw two youngish birds in the lawn – Jenn had told me last week that she’d seen a baby mourning dove taking a meal out there one afternoon.

I think this is a mourning dove. (Click for a closer look.)

I think this is a mourning dove. (Click for a closer look.)

And then there was this one, which looks kind of like one of the hatchlings from our porch nest:

And of course, about a week ago, we started noticing a bird hanging around the porch again.

The nest isn’t empty anymore:

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