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Two Georges from Jim

Last summer, my friend Jim created this fantastic painting as a birthday present for Jenn:

George Harrison by Jim Carchidi

And lo, was I made envious.

This weekend, then, a package from Jim arrived, five days before my birthday. Upon opening it (which, yes, unless such things are explicitly marked “Do Not Open Until…” I will almost always open immediately), I found –


George Lucas by Jim Carchidi

Twin suns? Faux brushed-metal Kenner-esque font? Ego-stroking book reference? To say Jim knows me well is clearly an understatement.

Thanks, Jim!

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Surreal Blue Saturday

For too long, this has been my (mostly) secret shame:

No – not the Star Wars stuff. Sheesh.

I’m talking about that wallpaper.

It was there when we moved into this house almost nine years ago, and since the room was initially Kelsey’s playroom, we figured, “Whatever.”

And we never got around to changing it. The playroom eventually became the computer room, of course, and then it gradually morphed into my office.

Despite my vigorous ignoring and active covering up of the wallpaper, it has not taken the hint and politely evaporated. Now that I’m working from home, though, and spending long stretches in here, I’ve reached my limit.

Armed with scrapers, a wallpaper scorer (which always triggers a mental playback of the Karate Kid muscle-memory training) glue-loosening glop, sandpaper, primer, and a gallon of Surreal Blue, I’m finally transforming the place.

And in a probably not-too-wise move, I’m doing it one wall at a time. Yes, it means it’s going to take longer, I know. But there’s just too much stuff to pack up and move elsewhere and I need to work in here pretty much every day, so I’m going with the “shift-and-renovate” approach.

Over the last couple days I got the wallpaper off the west wall, and this morning I sanded and primed it. The first coat of paint was done this afternoon, and I like the way it’s turning out.

I’ve also taken on a concurrent mini-project.

A few months ago, I visited Fresh Fork up in Tremont, and saw what I thought was a brilliant bit of repurposing: They’d hung a big sliding glass door sideways on one wall with bicycle hooks and used it as a massive dry-erase board.

I figured a smaller version would be cool to have handy in the office, and as it happens, a few days back, I made a rare excursion into our crawlspace. And back in a mostly-forgotten corner, I found a couple windows, so I brought one upstairs to clean it up. I thought about just leaving the original white paint on it, but Jenn suggested I paint it black to set it off better from the new paint. Also, when things like that Hoth Ice Planet box flat start going back up, black frames will be the standard.

So while the wall primer was drying, I took the latches off this window, gave it a light sanding – I kind of like the texture of the wood grain and existing paint, so I didn’t want to strip it entirely – and gave a black satin coat to one side. (I initially thought I could get away with just doing the front and the edges, but due to its thickness, you’d have been able to see the interior edges of the unpainted side through the glass, so after it dried, I flipped it and sprayed the back.)

Here it is with its first coat, set against its eventual backdrop:

Tomorrow, then, I’ll finish up the west wall and start moving things around for the next round. I’m thinking the south wall’s next. It’s the biggest, but it’s just got one door to worry about as far as trim goes, and while it will mean boxing and moving a couple shelves’ worth of stuff, I won’t have to move the computer desks yet.

First things first, though. I’ll have to get the wallpaper down, which means picking up the scoring tool again. And turning around for a second here, damn that wall looks big.

“…wax on….wax off…wax on…”

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