Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Cats’ Treasure Trove

We replaced our stove recently.

Having four cats, I was prepared to uncover some dust bunnies and a few of Jenn & Kelsey’s ponytail bands, which are apparently the Best Cat Toys Evar. I was not ready for this:

I love that you can pretty well gauge our cats’ average paw reach by the ring cluster and the dust-free area in front of it.

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Pepper Has A Secret

I kid you not: This was totally unstaged.

Jenn’s playing Beatles Rock Band, when partway through the song, Pepper brings his “date”  (yes, it’s a stuffed cat with a bandaged paw) into the room. I guess he knows classic mood music when he hears it.

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Off to fight the space zombies.

Pepper – named, in part, for Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose hero – launches. (Audio of the Apollo 10 liftoff – forty years ago this month, as it happens –  from this collection of sound and video celebrating NASA’s Fortieth Anniversary back in 1998.)

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