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Collect All 21! – Special Enhanced Podcast Excerpt

(If you just want to nab the George Krstic-enhanced “Collect All 21” podcast, it’s here in mp3 form, so you can right-click and “save as” for an easy download. The blog entry below tells about how it came to be, so feel free to come back and read and leave comments and feedback.)

UPDATE – George K. and I recorded a second one, too!

I’m a bit hyper about this little project having become a reality, so I’m asking forgiveness in advance for any fits of nerdbabbling.

Remember a few months back, when I got that note from “Clone Wars” writer George Krstic? Well, we’ve stayed in touch since then, and I mentioned that I’d love to do a sort of interactive podcast reading from “Collect All 21,” with George sitting in and sharing his own memories and thoughts on growing up addicted to the original trilogy.

So a couple weeks ago he let me know that he’d scheduled his usual summer return to Northeast Ohio, and we planned on hanging out and geeking for awhile and giving the interactive reading a shot.

Tuesday afternoon, then, we met up in Cuyahoga Falls for beer, pizza and wings, and passed a couple ridiculously fast hours talking writing and science fiction and cartoons and toys and video games and crazy people we’d known and cross-country road trips.

Then we headed over to my friend Keith’s house to record the podcast, which we built around the book’s second chapter, “The Droids We Were Looking For: How Kenner Took Ownership of My Childhood.”

(We actually got to Keith’s much later than we’d planned because we passed a Target and stopped to check out the Star Wars toys. I haven’t bought much of the new Hasbro stuff lately, but I picked up a very cool IG-86 Assassin Droid from The Clone Wars cartoon line because a) I was totally caught up in the evening’s geekdom and b) come on, I’m checking out Star Wars stuff with the guy who wrote “Downfall of a Droid” and created this character!)


Recording the reading and conversation with George was an absolute blast, and I hope the fun comes through in the finished product and gives some insight into what “Collect All 21” is all about. I can’t stress enough (again) how much I love hearing other Star Wars fans’ remembrances of their own experiences growing up on the toys and movies and books and comics of that era, and sitting down face-to-face and hearing some of those memories from a writer and guy like George was just an amazingly enjoyable experience.

The finished podcast runs about 45 minutes, and you can find it here.

MassiveSuperColossal Collect-‘Em-All Thanks to George – visit his web site to see the ton of neat stuff he’s done – for taking some time to nerd out and revisit the days when Real Action Figures Had No Knees, and to Keith for sharing his house and his recording setup and making this podcast possible.

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