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Things collide here.

Reasons This Weekend Ruled:

Friday night, my younger brother came over and hung out for a bit. Then I dove into my first play of Dead Space: Extraction.

After lunch Saturday, Jenn, Kelsey, Kels’ friend A. and I all headed north for a long-planned get-together. Things kicked off with a ten person, nearly four -hour marathon Rock Band 3 session with excellent friends who accommodated a last minute upheaval in plans and did not throw sharp objects at my neck when I requested lead vocals on “Through the Fire and Flames.” Also, there were chips and salsa and Skittles. Lots of them.

With same friends, TACO NIGHT IN AMERICA, followed by several hours of general goodtiminess, including introducing my daughter and her friend to Better Off Dead. From 1:45-5 a.m., a four-man game of Castle Ravenloft in which a timely roll of 20 brought our party from the brink of doom – seriously: the Rogue who rolled it had just used a healing surge to go from “Mostly Dead” to “Leveling Up and Unleashing Hell in Dagger Form” at the toss of a die – to a zombie/skeleton/gargoyle/kobold sorcerer-crushing victory.

Late breakfast, then some Dance Central with our hosts (Am I good at it? No. Did we have a blast? Yes. Is that girl Poison? Confirmed.) and then home.

And have I mentioned that it’s sunny and close to 80 degrees here in Ohio today?

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But can she play “Enter Sandman” on Expert?

A couple Decembers back, Jenn & I spent a night gaming with our friends Keith & Marcia, and I wrote about playing “Cue Me”:

Too many rules to explain here, but it was a ton of fun and my wife totally wins bonus points for guessing the answer “Boston Tea Party” on the single-word clue “harbor.” Also, seeing her throw sets of 12-sided dice hit some middle-school-D&D-playing nerve in me and made her even more attractive than usual. Nerdgrrrrreow.

Yeah, well, Danica McKellar playing Rock Band on last night’s Big Bang Theory had a similar effect.

Rock On, Winnie Cooper.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS

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I declare this Christmas card – AWESOME.

This just has me hyper.

I haven’t talked to Mark Corcoran, illustrator of Star Wars: The Mystery of The Rebellious Robot since I got back in touch with him in September to chat about the 30th anniversary of the book’s release. At the time, the Booth house was caught in a massive wave of Beatlemania from the build-up to The Beatles: Rock Band – and Mark & I talked awhile about the Fab Four’s movies and albums and how cool it was that my 12-year-old daughter can drop quotes from “A Hard Day’s Night” and debate the merits of “Revolver” vs. “Rubber Soul.”

In the mailbox this afternoon, I was surprised to find a small envelope from Mark.

Inside, this hand-drawn Card of Sheer Awesome:

He's very clean.


I was just rendered spastic and went into giddy geek convulsions rushing to show it to Jenn & Kelsey. The Beatle ‘do, the scissors clutched in R2’s extender arm, and the quote from “A Hard Day’s Night,” – to say nothing of Mark’s gorgeous attention to detail – it just gave me this rush of delight.

Inside was a note reading “Hey Booths” – with, no less, “Booths” rendered in a perfect echo of the famous Beatles logo! – “Happy Krimble!” – a reference to the band’s 1963 Christmas message to its fan club.

I mean, seriously: I can’t get over just how amazingly neat this is.

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Pepper Has A Secret

I kid you not: This was totally unstaged.

Jenn’s playing Beatles Rock Band, when partway through the song, Pepper brings his “date”  (yes, it’s a stuffed cat with a bandaged paw) into the room. I guess he knows classic mood music when he hears it.

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