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Road Trip photos: June 19-21

Somehow, I let almost three months pass since I last uploaded and organized a batch of my cross-country road trip photos, so this weekend I went through and processed some more.

There are three days’ worth of pictures here, although Saturday and Sunday June 19 and 20 are underrepresented photo-wise: It was a weekend just packed with greatness, hanging out with friends and just enjoying the west coast and the experience of being someplace totally new to me, but so much of that joy was just in the company and the moments, and not the sort of thing that gets captured through a camera lens. So the few images from those days almost serve as memory-triggers more than anything else.

Take this one, for instance:

The Donut Man

You see The Donut Man on Rt. 66 in Glendora, California.

I get thrown back to a day that began with a gorgeous drive up the coast from San Diego; several hours group-geeking at Frank and Son, where I found a flashback-inducing Imperious Leader action figure; a late lunch at Q Noodle House and a drive to The Donut Man for some fresh-strawberry-filled donuts. (Our original plans had called for introducing me to shaved snow at Class 302, but of course the day’s first batch was gone when we got there.)  A spontaneous trip to a nearby comic shop, and then an evening of more hanging out and visiting new friends and nerding out.

I left for the drive back to San Diego late the next morning, and after a brief nap, I spent the afternoon and evening swimming with my host friends and having an absolutely fantastic dinner and some wine out on their front patio as night fell. Again, it was just a terrific, warm-the-soul sort of day, and yet the only pictures you’ll find are the ones I snapped just after supper – the last sunset of spring:

Last sunset of spring 2010.

On Monday, June 21, Jenn and Kelsey made their own (much quicker) trip across the U.S.A., and after they caught up on a bit of sleep, the three of us spent several hours in the afternoon at Balboa Park and a few that evening at Seaport Village. The whole day’s worth of photos is here.

Here’s the moon over the Coronado Bridge:

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Road trip photos: June 16

Wednesday, June 16 took me from western Arkansas all the way across Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle into New Mexico.

2010-06-16 Storm over Oklahoma

Click to see the entire June 16 set: OK, TX and NM

It was just a day of wonder all around, really, as the landscape slowly shifted with the miles and took on forms I had never seen outside photographs, and the pictures in this set from that day are some of my favorites from the road.

By pure chance, not far into Texas just off I-40, I found myself across the street from the real-life inspiration for the body shop in Disney/Pixar’s Cars

2010-06-16 Conoco Tower Station, Shamrock TX

– and later, I took probably an hour’s detour into Amarillo to visit what’s left of the Air Force Base where my dad did his basic training.

2010-06-16 Old Amarillo Air Force Base 4

When I got to Tucumcari, New Mexico late that afternoon, I really felt kind of surrounded by the spirit of the whole trip. I’m in a KOA campground some 1,400 miles from home, sitting on a picnic table alone and watching a storm roll away to the east, this warm wind gusting and pushing the clouds off while the setting sun turns everything gold –

2010-06-16 Clouds over Tucumcari Mountain 1

– and I’m looking at this utterly unfamiliar and gorgeous horizon, and I cannot believe I’m here, and I’m trying so hard to share this amazement and awe because I want everyone to have a moment or two like this.

Even now, almost a month later, I can smell that air and feel those gusts and, if I really let myself go, I can feel an echo of that thrill.

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Of weather, sleep and running.


Naturally, after all my waffling last night over sleeping in the tent or packing it up and staying in the car due to what was supposedly a greater-than-50%-chance of thunderstorms in the middle of the night, I slept in the car – and there was nary a drop of rain nor a hint of thunder. (For the record, it wasn’t the rain that would have bugged me – it was the possibility of having to pack up a wet tent this morning.)

And I actually slept pretty well from about 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Not the most restful of nights, but hardly what I’d call fitful or uncomfortable.

I’ve only got 5-6 hours on the road today, so rather than start driving early, I decided to go for a short run and give the Droid’s “My Tracks” app a test.

Sun wasn’t fully up yet, but it was already warm when I headed east on Old Route 66. It was just a short stretch, but the road had a nice berm for running: basically a full lane wide, and at any rate, there was hardly any traffic, it being 5:30 in the morning and all.

And hey, look, kids – I ran to Wally World!


(Six Flags, actually, and yes, for a moment, the Chariots of Fire theme did go through my head Clark W. Griswold style.)

Ran a little loop up to the edge of the parking lot, then swung around and headed back to camp.

My Tracks seemed to work well: I recorded 2.88 miles, which is the shortest distance I’ve done in a long time – but I was only shooting for 2 anyway, and I never pushed my speed. The app charted speed (maximum and average), as well as total time and moving time (I stopped to take that picture, and again at an intersection or two), and elevation high and low.

Back at the campground I showered up and headed to this convenient McD’s for a coffee and this bit of writing.

Time to get back on the highway!

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