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Starlog Number 19: February 1979

Adam and I hung out for awhile today at a local comic show, and I was on the hunt again for some 1970s sci-fi print nostalgia like I stumbled onto a couple weeks ago. We’re side by side, thumbing through boxes of magazines, and Adam discovers this piece of wonder:

Starlog 19 cover

Click to enlarge and play "Where's Lion Man?"

I have only watched the Star Wars Holiday Special in its entirety once: The night it aired  – my eighth birthday.

There are only four Starlog No. 19 pages devoted to the special – one of which includes the complete text of Natalie Millar’s article, “Star Wars Invades TV”. Here are the other three – (click to make ’em bigger and really feel the magic) :

Wookiee family photo

Starlog - Star Wars Holiday Special

"Da-aaad! My X-Wing stopped making the laser noise again!"

Starlog - Star Wars Holiday Special

Thank you for being a friend in this wretched hive of scum and villainy.

There’s also this ad:

Reel Images ad, 1979

I love this. Why wouldn't I?

Even aside from the Holiday Special content, there’s loads of stuff in these pages that I would have loved as a kid – and still do. I mean, just look at the cover contents again: the animated Lord of the Rings, Superman, Mars volcanoes, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. Funny thing, though: I didn’t read Starlog when I was little. I remember flipping through it occasionally in the Waldenbooks at Belden Village mall, but I never actually bought a copy. No idea why, other than I suppose if I had $1.95 to spare, it was going toward an action figure.

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