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Sunset, 1/5/12


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Dusk at the edge of Upper Sandusky

My mom, my daughter and I drove to Upper Sandusky on Thursday, Dec. 29, to visit my grandma. We spent several hours with her, going out for a late lunch and hanging out in the big sun room of the facility where she lives. My nephews were there, and my brother and sister-in-law, and my aunt and uncle, too.

On the way home, mom and I talked about her childhood in Upper, and she asked me about my earliest memories, which go back to living in the farmhouse where she grew up. We stayed there with my grandparents during some of my dad’s service in the Air Force. We were both a little surprised to find that I have an accurate memory of the kitchen tile floor pattern, even though I was less than a year old when we moved in.

More than usual – maybe it was the early sunset, maybe it was the bare, harvested fields stretching into the distance – Upper Sandusky felt very much today like a tiny outpost on the edge of a vast gulf of land and sky and constant wind. It’s not an unfamiliar or unpleasant feeling, but it was particularly strong this afternoon.

Upper Sandusky sunset and moon

Upper Sandusky sunset

Upper Sandusky - tree

Upper Sandusky - clouds and cornfield

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Just outside the front door

It’s gray and drizzly here, but it’s making the grass and trees look extra green, so that’s not bad. It also helps keep me in the proper mindset to tackle the pile of writing I need to work on, so this might be today’s only Cornfield Meet note.

Today’s rainy weather was preceded by an absolutely incredible weekend, weather-wise. Sandwiched between them, not long after sunset Sunday, was this:

It lasted just a couple minutes, and I’m glad I happened to look outside when I did.

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