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Me and My RT

Jenn’s work-related magazine shows up in the mail:

Me and My RT

My gut reaction:

“Retweet magazine?”

(Clearly, too much time online.)

When I tell Jenn, her response is: “That’s funny, because whenever I see Twitter ‘RTs,’ I think, ‘Respiratory Therapist? Huh?”

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Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project

Twitter ‘zine Thaumatrope has officially announced its Fiction Relocation Project, aiming to place its 140-character (That’s “character” as in letters, numbers, punctuation and stuff. Not “Holy crap there are 140 characters in this? What – is it The Stand SuperUncutDeluxe?”)stories into the empty nooks and crannies of convention program guides. Kind of a neat idea, particularly the notion of convention organizers being able to find local authors who’ve been published on the site. So: free publicity for the writers, and free publicity for the cons, which will get a mention on Thaumatrope, if I’m reading it right. Looks like Balticon will be the first participant.

I signed on, so my first Thaumatrope story is in the mix, and I’ve got a second scheduled for late this summer. I mean, given the sheer volume of fiction Tweets to choose from, I’m not counting on mine landing anywhere, but hey, slight odds beat zero odds any day.

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Geeks A-Twitter

Geekdad’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter” list (to which I contributed a few) posted on Wired this morning, so if you’re looking for more ways to be entertained and informed by some of the smartest, wittest and most fun people online, you should go read it.

Speaking of Twitter, the site’s new policy “muzzling” the @ replies from people you follow to people you don’t strikes me as more than a bit unnecessary. (Because, unless something has changed, you could already opt out of those updates.) At any rate, the workarounds – simply removing the initial @ symbol, or crafting your response to someone so that it begins with text rather than the @reply format – are already out there.)

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Yes, I have more important things to blog about today. But until I get through the other chores on my list and get around to writing about those things, enjoy today’s laugh-because-it’s-funny-scream-in-bloody-throated-frustration-because-it’s-true xkcd:

(The hidden rollover text is also good. Visit the original at xkcd to read it.)

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Time to fight

Not surprisingly, I like this fiction tweet from Thaumatrope by J.R. Blackwell.

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