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Fringe: The Real Conspiracy Revealed

Consider: For the past two weeks, American Idol’s Tuesday night shows have run long, and not just by a couple breaths: We’re talking a full two-minute overrun this week and a ridiculous eight-minute extension the week before. Honestly, even on live TV, how does this stuff happen? I blame a lack of stones and sloppy editing on someone’s part.

So why do I care? Because my daughter and I are big fans of “Fringe,” and we can’t watch it live since a) it’s on past her bedtime and b) while she embraces the creepiness of the show, she doesn’t want to watch it right before trying to go to sleep.

Our time-shifted viewing of the past two episodes, then, has included two DVR stoppages in the show’s final moments, meaning we had to go get on the computer and watch the endings online.

I can only conclude that Massive Dynamic is a secret partner in Hulu.


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Thanks for the ordinary

Here is a completely unextraordinary picture of my backyard, taken about five minutes ago, probably two minutes after I got out of bed.

Welcome Sight

It’s not uncomfortably chilly outside, and the birds have that pre-dawn chatter going on.

I was glad for this.

Because I woke up this morning at about 4:45 – body clock is still adjusting – and my brain started gearing up with notes and ideas and a few moments of worry about the future. Kept me awake for about an hour, when I started thinking, “Okay, at six o’clock, I’ll just get up and get busy.”

Of course, the last time I checked the clock it was 5:40 (I think), and I was starting to doze, and then I was having those insane dreams which, for me, almost always accompany a decision to stay in bed after my mind tries to wake up. My daughter telling me she was eighteen while looking like she was four; fixing a jacuzzi parked in the street under the pitch dark of night; Russians in a restaurant; a former co-worker running a tiny washing machine under his desk.

The sound of my  7 a.m. alarm worked its way in as a broadcast censorship beep over an Aretha Franklin f-bomb on television. (Seriously, I TOLD you this was messed up.)

I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough. Dizzily, I grabbed the camera and stepped outside to clear my head and take that snapshot of, thankfully, a perfectly ordinary morning in the backyard.

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