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Tech for the trek

I’ve spent the past week prepping and test-driving some of the gadgetry for my upcoming road trip:

The Droid continues to impress me in everyday use, and the applications I’m likely to be using over the next few weeks seem to be running smoothly. The pre-installed Google Maps and Navigation systems have done a near-perfect job during some errand-running and visits to new friends’ homes, and my mom has loaned me her Magellan, just in case – though I haven’t messed with it yet. (Of course, I also have, you know, actual maps.)

Now, it’s not my intention to use the Droid for long-winded blogging, but the WordPress app has proven to be another quick and intuitive install, as has TxtPad Lite, although I admit I haven’t had much cause to use the latter yet.

Another nifty grab: Promptu’s ShoutOUT speech-to-text application. It defaults to messaging format, but it didn’t take me long to figure out it’s pretty easy to create a message with no recipient and then just copy the resulting text into a file or directly into the WordPress application. I can’t say how much use it will get – so far I’ve used it mostly to respond quickly to text messages from Jenn & Kelsey – but I’m thinking of those times when I’m driving and a sort of babbling idea springs to mind and I can’t jot it down. We’ll see.

For entertainment purposes – I’m hoping that the rental car comes with a CD player, because I haven’t digitally saved my Star Wars radio dramas yet – I added the Pandora application, and I’m looking forward to putting the very, very cool Google Sky Map (another fun and free download) to good use out under some hopefully clear Western skies.

Probably the most crucial app so far was the highly-recommended PDANet, with which I’ll be tethering the Droid to our Acer netbook for internet access during stops. Worked like a charm during a run to the store this morning.

If there are any other recommendations in this department, I’m open to suggestions!

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A day worth saving like an old proof-of-purchase

I had a hard time getting myself to sit at the computer this morning, since I spent an awfully humongous chunk of yesterday parked in this very chair and obsessively clicking and revisiting sites in wonderment and gratitude, and I’d like to spend some time with Jenn before she has to go to work, but …

Yesterday ROCKED.

Both Rebelscum and TheForce.Net posted stories about the new Collect All 21! revised edition, and Rebelscum added the info to its Jedi Journals database. I also added a fresh plug in the R’scum forums, which got some attention from fellow Star Wars fans – particularly the always-awesome Vintage Collecting gang.

Then stuff started happening:

For starters, the first few advance copies I ordered arrived in the mail, and They. Look. Sweet.

And then I got some print and download orders through Lulu;  and then at least a couple orders went through on Amazon (A reminder: I’m unsure about Amazon’s practice of updating the POD source files, as mentioned in the note at the bottom of my announcement post.). And then traffic to the blog started spiking, relatively speaking. My little Cornfield Meet cracked the Top 100 (No. 78 – woohoo!) of WordPress’ Growing Blogs list for the day.

All this was encouraging and steadying and humbling and adrenaline-inducing, and it was, I admit, difficult to re-focus for a short freelance assignment I was working on, but I managed to get it done amidst the constant clicking and refreshing.

By day’s end, Collect All 21! had its best sales day ever; I got a couple requests for signed copies once I get a good supply of books here at home (including one from Australia!); I’m working on lining up a podcast interview about the book; and I received an invitation to attend and sign at a convention.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m certainly not replacing a full-time salary with these boosts, and I’m still pushing hard for every freelance assignment I can get – I had a very promising phone call this morning – but to everyone who’s visiting, subscribing, ordering, downloading, emailing or sharing the link love, this space is woefully inadequate for expressing what your support means.

Thank you.

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